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Mikode Connects You to Local Communities Worldwide


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Build Big Friendships & B2B Relationships

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Introducing a new social platform for local communities worldwide

Mikode™ is a worldwide local community network site with a built in social utility that connects people and their communities via their post/zip codes.

We will build, host and manage community sites for free. As a member of Mikode™, you can ask us to build a site for your local community. There you will be able to create posts and so much more - See the "Community Features" below.

We Reward Our Members

All Subscription fees are pooled, the profits are paid back to one randomly picked paid member, monthly.


Community Features

  • Create a profile
  • Post to your wall
  • Set everything to public or private
  • Create posts in local communities
  • Create Your own Photo Galleries
  • Invite & message friends
  • Create Groups & Forums
  • Post to local community boards
  • Get paid 20% of advertising revenue
  • Members can take part in our rewards programs
  • Make application to have a community site built for your own local community [this service is free]


$5 monthly membership


$2 lifetime membership

Note: Children under 13yrs. are welcome but must have parental permission to join. To request permission please go to our Support Desk

Check out our FAQ's for further information and instructions on how to use this site.

Social Networking Online
If you have never been involved with social networking online here are some videos to give you an idea of how things operate –

the terminology and the reasons why.

How Can Mikode Help Local Businesses?

The Mikode™ Social Community Network was founded by Dr. John Carlyle please read his Introduction