Mikode® Connects You To Local Community Networks Worldwide

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All membership subscriptions are pooled and profits paid back to members monthly.

Mikode® is a Social Community hub connecting local communities worldwide.

Founded by Dr.John Carlyle, who saw the need for people to be able to connect to their own local communities online. Contrary to the many local directories online today, mikode not only enables linking established local sites, it enables people and businesses without their own sites to interact with their local community online. This interaction is facilitated via utilities within the site which include the use of personal profiles, that include wall posting, photo galleries and site wide activity streams, including RSS feeds. You can also post to your local community blog, and pin messages to your local community notice board, giving you high world wide exposure via the search engines. You will find a lot more on this topic once you enter the main Mikode site.

We take online safety seriously at Mikode.

All the sites run on dedicated servers and your connection is 256-bit encrypted. All utilities within the Mikode Network can be set to public or private, its your choice. All content is moderated by a real person and abusive behaviour or unsuitable content for general viewing will not be tolerated. Due to these safety features, the Mikode network can cater to children under the age of 13, providing they have parental permission. For further information go to the 24/7 support desk .