Anaphylaxis [Acute overwhelming allergic reaction]

Anaphylaxis [Acute overwhelming allergic reaction]

Anaphylaxis is a condition of hypersensitiveness to foreign proteins .The excessive sensitivity gives rise to a hypereaction.


Whatever a person is allergic to- that person must have been previously exposed to that protein. For instance if a child is a allergic to strawberries the child must have been exposed to strawberries even if given in another form say strawberry yoghurt or ice cream.


The guinea pig is the animal most susceptible to anaphylaxis, Rabbits and dogs are less so whereas the human is very slightly susceptible.


In Australia in the 10 years between 1995 and 2005 hospital admissions more than doubled. In those 10 years death rates remained stable and rare.


In children fatalities for food allergies were the most common. In adults insect venom and chemicals in medicines featured the most.


Who die – mainly adults over 35 years of age.


In children the feature most prominent of fatalities and near fatalities is the combination of a known food allergy and asthma. So a child with that combination should undergo the range of tests that pathology testing can offer which would assist in giving an indication of degree of hyperactivity.


How to recognize anaphylaxis ?


Easily recognized when sudden breathing difficulty is associated with skin rashes , mouth or tongue swelling or any combination of these.


Not easily recognised attacks also occur – so  anyone with sudden low blood pressure  [fainting] and distressed breathing without a rash a possibility  that anaphyaxis is taking place should be considered.


What to do in the acute phase?


Call – yell for assistance and have someone call the ambulance urgently.

Give an Epipen in the side of the thigh

Lie the person flat

prepare to commence CPR  [cardiopulmonary resuscitation]


Urgent medical help is required as intravenous fluids are urgently need.


Regarding allergy – there a are no scientific studies that show hair analysis,  kinesiology, cytotoxic or Vega testing have any other function apart from economic function by being very expensive. A lot of people pay a lot of money for good marketing.



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