Local communities sending care packages to high school seniors

Local communities sending care packages to high school seniors

High school seniors are missing out on milestone events, but communities across the country are still finding ways to celebrate their accomplishments through “Adopt a Senior” Facebook pages.

The pages allow seniors to create a post that includes their interests and hobbies, and in turn, a community member will “adopt” that senior and send a care package.

“Just knowing that people in the community are rallying around you and someone you’ve never met before is willing to go pick up your favorite candy and lift your spirits is super meaningful,” said West Clermont senior Lily Gabriel.

Gabriel created the Adopt a Senior Facebook page for West Clermont originally thinking only a few people would join, but now the page has more than 1,000 members.

“There have even been posts of parents saying, ‘I physically can’t get someone to adopt because they’re going so fast,’ said Gabriel. “Seniors will post and within minutes people are offering to adopt them and offering to bring them things.”

The pages have also had an added benefit to seniors who are going off to college in the fall.

“It’s also just opened so many new ways of communication for me to realize I am moving away but I’ll have so many other ways that I am still staying in contact with people,” said Gabriel. “So it’s been helpful to see that.”



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