Mikode™ is a Social Community hub connecting local communities worldwide.

It is a local SAFE computing community, where a local community and adjoining communities can interact and help each other Online.

Founded by Dr. John Carlyle to enhance communities at the same time allowing the communities , adults , parents and children to SAFELY interact with the rest of the world.

Users are friendsMembers can invite friends and send them private messages , upload photos, videos , create articles of interest [in the blogs], form mutual interest groups and create a place for your own groups to discuss topics of mutual interest [forums]. Users can also apply to get administration rights to create their own sites within the Mikode™ Network.

Members can update their personal profiles and have the option to make their information , communications, groups and forums either PRIVATE or PUBLIC.

To  get functionality of all the utilities within the world of Mikode™ you must be a registered member and logged in. If you are not a member you will receive directions on how to join when you click on the “Join Mikode” tab in the top navigation menu on this page. There are two levels of membership:

1] Free Membership – A one time $2 security fee applies.

2]  Membership Subscription – $5 per month. Please read the “Join Mikode” page for full description of benefits.

After filling out your details on the registration page, we will send you an email containing your access code and log in details.

Find your community via the “Blogs” directory, each community is defined by the post code area  they live in. There is also a list of Post/Zip code communities on the footer of every page.

If a site with your postcode is not listed in the “Blogs” directory, then no one has built one yet. If you feel your community would benefit from their own community site please let us know via the “Support Desk” and we may set up a site for your community [This is a free service].

When posting to blogs for public viewing please remember this is a general category – family friendly site – therefore no offensive material will be tolerated – we do have the right to remove your site [or any content] if we consider it to be unsuitable – please read the TOS.

Note children under the age of 13 are welcome here but must have parental permission – apply for permission by submitting a support ticket via the “Support Desk“. To find out more about safety online read our “Safety Page“.

Mikode™ welcomes you  to your code.