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Add Your Local Community Site

Adding your local community site to the Mikode network is simple and free.

If you can’t find a site for your local community on mikode ask us to build one for your community.

We will build, host and manage your local community site for your local community.

Membership to the mikode network is only $5 per month and the profits from these subscriptions are paid back to the members monthly.

Check out our rewards page to view who we have paid HERE

What Can You Do at Your Local Community Site?

Everyone can read the content on all the local community sites.

As a member you can blog to your hearts content, communicate with other members, form groups [ private or public] and create image galleries.

As a local business owner we highly recommend you read the following post: HERE

What Countries and Languages are Covered in the Network of Local Community Sites?

All countries are welcome however currently English is the only language covered. This is because we only have English speaking moderators.

In the future we may ask for multi national moderators to volunteer their services which will enable us to utilize other languages.

Where Can I Get More Help?

Members can contact our 24/7 support desk.

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