The Advertising Affiliate program.

Affiliates who refer advertising clients Get: Lifetime Commissions!

1] 20% of advertising fees
2] 20% of advertising renewal fees
3] Are permanently attached to the client they referred via the clients email address. In other words if the advertising client cancels the advert and then returns to advertise using the same email address, with us at a later date the affiliate still gets paid.

Important note: We pay all commissions automatically via PayPal. Therefore if you do not have a PayPal account you will need to set one up [PayPal account set up is free at] before signing up to the “Mikode Affiliate Account”.

To sign up to Mikode Affiliate Account:

Make sure to insert your “PayPal” email within your registration form so we can pay your commissions:


Then check your email for log in details to your Mikode Affiliate Account.

How To Promote:

Once you log into your Mikode Affiliate Account; you will find Your promotional “Affiliate Link” in the top left hand side of the page.

Use your affilite link to send people to Mikode. You will receive 20% commissions for any advertising purchases made after entering the site via your affiliate link.

You can see hit stats and commission details from within your Mikode Affiliate Account.

Important Note:
We have Zero spam tolerance. If you spam peoples email inbox with messages containing your Mikode affiliate link, your account will be shut down immediately and any commissions will be forfeited.

The ONLY time you can send promotional material about Advertising at Mikode, via email – is to people who have requested material about advertising.

Keep these requests as proof in case of a spam report.

If there is a spam report lodged against you and you have proof that the email was not spam, we will re-instate your account and commissions.

The best way to promote your affiliate links is via forum signatures, blogs, free advertising directories or your own websites.

Feel free to make your own banners or use the one below:

Affiliates banner 537 x 126

Copy all the code below within the [code] [/code] brackets to your website code where you want the banner on the left to appear. Make sure to replace ?ref=1 [marked in yellow] with your affiliate link – which you will find in your Mikode Affiliate Account.

[code]<a href=”” target=”_blank”><img class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-3791″ alt=”Affiliates banner 537 x 126″ src=”” width=”537″ height=”126″ /></a>[/code]

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