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RF4221-au Whaling

by Robert Fourier
The Japanese Whaling fleet left Japan funded by $28 million from Earthquake reconstruction fund.This means the poor victims of the earthquake fund are short changed by $28 million dollars.  This fleet has an armed escort fitted with water cannons. This is a new aggressive stance taken by the Japanese government. The world shakes it collective head and asks Why?
My community nickname Merlin.

What An Exciting Project!

by Kitty Jellinek
I want to thank Dr. John Carlyle, the founder of Mikode™ for the concepts he perceived and is now putting into action for the people in our communities. I guess that living in the Palm Beach area for 30 years and being a local doctor, he has come to understand full well, the needs of the people in our communities. Who better to address those needs and come up with good solutions. What an exciting project this is turning out to be.

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