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Brussels Terror Attacks

Terror Strikes Brussels.

by Larry Holt
Overnight Brussels was victim of two terrorist attacks. One at Brussels airport. One at the Malbeek metro station in the heart of the city. Belgium has been a hot spot of terrorist activity for the last seven months. In August 2015 there was a terrorist attack on a Brussels–Paris train. A gunman opened fire on the train. Luckily two American servicemen helped subdue the gunman. There were no fatalities. It was sheer luck that the servicemen were there. IF they weren’t the loss of life could have been catastrophic. Then there were the Paris attacks in November 2015. After […]

Don’t mess with hackers, especially if your name is Trump

by Larry Holt
Wednesday, 16 March, 2016 — Albert Park By Sam Volkering hacktivists set their sights on Trump…this isn’t a one off, it’s a trend…a shift of power back to people…and more… The US is heading toward absolute mayhem. That’s right, the circus that is the current Republican Party Primaries is in full swing. And the leading candidate is Donald J. Trump. You should know about Trump by now. Even if you take away the farce of the current primaries, you will know the name. Trump is after all a billionaire. Forbes has his net wealth listed at over US$4.5 billion. He […]

Your Shoe Tastes Better Daddy.

by Larry Holt
I have given the pup Jason heaps of toys but he still prefers my shoes shirts furniture and remote control. I managed to rescue my mobile just in time!