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Clean Up Tallebudgera Creek

by John Carlyle
There is a  petition to Clean Up Tallebudgera Creek could you all mobilise to sign it – as Council and the State department of Environment have neglected this site – which is the only remaining original bushland on the Gold Coast next to a natural waterway. Go Here to sign:  

Are Tattoos Dangerous? by Dr. John Carlyle

by John Carlyle
The epidemic of Tattoos and body piercing in the Western world will likely have a major health impact in the future. For the individual who luxuriates in their indelible skin murals they are in danger. For society it will most likely become a public health matter when the painted generation degenerates following the normal ageing process as they age.   The skin is the major organ of the human body and the protective layer of our human existence. Epidermis has five microscopic layers. The epithelia is a major portal of entry for pathogens, microorganisms, and allergens. Thus the skin is […]


by John Carlyle
Krill are the very small crustaceans, relatives of crabs, lobsters , crayfish, shrimps – whales, penguins,fish squid, feed upon them for essential food. Krill oil is extracted from the KRILL the the essential food of every species and Whales that live in the coldest areas of the world. By harvesting the important and fundamental food of Whales the growth of already endangered cold climate animal species is jeopardised. Both climate alteration and harvesting will endanger the world’s Krill and may devastate the Krill. ALL FOR NO HUMAN BENEFIT. The insignificant, if any,  benefit for human nutrition is doubtful. There is […]

Doctor Patient Privilege threatened by Australian Government.

by John Carlyle
The Australian government is introducing a system on July1 where patient’s personal medical records are to be stored online under government control in Canberra. The Government has not told the general public, the voters and is introducing the system by stealth making doctors sign up to a contract to participate .The doctors who do not participate will be penalized . The patients do not have a say in the storage of their records in Canberra and they will only have limited access.