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What does Local Community Mean To You?

by Kitty Jellinek
When I looked up the term Local Community  – Found the following definition: A group of individuals that interact within their immediate surroundings. A typical local community consists of business operators, public agency staff and residents, and their interactions can include the sharing of resources, information and assistance, as well as the establishment of commercial relationships between local businesses and consumers. Cited from: However, what makes individuals interact with their immediate surroundings? Could it be the warm fuzzy feeling people get when they feel that they belong that inspires them to interact in a useful way – in turn […]
Community Portal

Local Community Member Groups and Portals

by Kitty Jellinek
Local Community Portals are designed to engage people living within your area zip/post code. A place where all locals can post their interests, ideas and express their opinions. It can also provide local information to tourists or people considering a move to your local community. Local community Portals are created, hosted and managed for free by MIKODE. Members of MIKODE can request the creation of a community portal for their location via the support desk. Individuals can create groups on MIKODE – this is particularly useful if you want to gather topic related people from within your local community portal. […]
Cyber War

Important Worldwide Community Notice – Cyber War

by Kitty Jellinek
Today I received, what I consider to be an important message from Sam Volkering. War. By definition it’s an act of aggression by a country against another. You don’t need to look far today for examples. It’s pretty safe to assume Russia and the Ukraine are at war by that definition, even if they haven’t declared it ‘officially’. What started with Russian forces in Crimea spilled out into Ukraine. I imagine the civilians in the path of the conflict aren’t terribly comforted by the governments telling them it isn’t an ‘official’ war. If you ask the average punter in the […]

How To Promote Your Business Online

by Kitty Jellinek
Whether you are looking to promote your business to a local community or worldwide make sure to watch this video. Or Download the pdf.How to Promote Your Local Business Online Also here is the transcript of the video if you prefer to read: How to Promote Your Local Business Online – Video Transcript Today I want to show you a simple, quick, inexpensive solution: to get new customers via the internet. My name is Kitty Jellinek and as a web developer for the past fourteen years I have identified the main reasons why so many businesses are failing to promote […]

Social Media Lynch Mob Mentality.

by Kitty Jellinek
It is horrendous to see the amount of people on social media sites like facebook and twitter; setting themselves up as judge and jury, in reaction to news stories around the world. At a time when there are so many displaced people, who have gone through hell, lost their families and communities, you’d think that compassion and support would be at an all time high – not so! At least that is the impression you get when reading comments on social media sites. The refugee dilemma sporns thousands of comments like this: “Are you kidding me? Why the f^^^ should […]
Kwon Byong Hyon

Inspiring Community Efforts

by Kitty Jellinek
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Future Forest – Turning Today’s Desert into Future’s Forest Update: We were delighted to receive an email from Ambassador Kwon Byong-hyon. He told us that delegates had very warmly received his presentation at the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification COP9 Summit in Buenos Aires. Our video, Taming the Yellow Dragon A Billion Trees in the Desert was used during the Buenos Aires presentation. In fact, the Future Forest project in the Kubuqi Desert is now being held up as a flagship model for afforestation projects around, and Kwon Byong-hyon has been asked to serve as a roaming ambassador for […]
in a gtoup

Community Stories – The bottom-up approach

by Kitty Jellinek
The United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification fosters the creation of an enabling environment that promotes action at the local level, the implementation of a cooperation framework built upon partnership agreements and the promotion of activities integrated into a coherent development strategy with a view to enhancing the involvement of civil society in the intergovernmental and decision-making process. The Convention breaks enshrines a bottom-up approach to emphasize the importance of full participation, and especially underlines “the important role played by women”. It also stresses “the special role of civil society, including the private sector” and gives them an important role […]
Happy Easter

Happy Easter

by Kitty Jellinek
Wishing everyone at Mikode a Happy Easter.