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Violence prevetion

Cause & Effects of Violence On Community & Individuals

by Kitty Jellinek
Understanding the causes and effects of violence in our local communities and worldwide is the first step to prevention. Please click the image below to read “Violence prevention PDF”

Are Tattoos Dangerous? by Dr. John Carlyle

by John Carlyle
The epidemic of Tattoos and body piercing in the Western world will likely have a major health impact in the future. For the individual who luxuriates in their indelible skin murals they are in danger. For society it will most likely become a public health matter when the painted generation degenerates following the normal ageing process as they age.   The skin is the major organ of the human body and the protective layer of our human existence. Epidermis has five microscopic layers. The epithelia is a major portal of entry for pathogens, microorganisms, and allergens. Thus the skin is […]
Big Brother


by Kitty Jellinek
You’re on the cusp of the biggest wealth- creating opportunity in human history   THE SIXTH REVOLUTION Has Just Begun…   Five ‘Great Revolutions’ have defined our existence: the Stone Age, the Bronze Age, the Iron Age, the Industrial Revolution and the Information Revolution. Today, the Sixth Revolution in human progress is here — and it’s about to transform your life, your health, your fortunes and your future… Imagine a world where… ■ You look and feel like a 20-year-old yet can outrun your great-great-grandchildren at the beach Imagine your body able to rebuild itself, bringing ‘dead’ body parts back […]

Four Great Aussie Technological Achievements

by Kitty Jellinek
Australia has a reputation as ‘the lucky country’. And this is thanks to the abundance of natural resources we have. Our mining and resources boom has put Australia on the map and taken us forward economically as a nation. But mining (and sport) isn’t the only thing Aussies are good at. When it comes to having some of the best and brightest minds in the world, well, we’ve certainly got our fair share. Some of the most world-changing technological advancement happened right here at home. Here we’ve highlighted four of Australia’s Greatest Technological Achievements. Aussie Tech Achievement #1: You’re Connected […]

The Risks of Lousy Lawmaking….

by Jim Wilkinson
The risks of lousy lawmaking…. Dr Jim Wilkinson MB BS M.Hlth Law ( Syd) FFARACS  FANZCA The Left of politics has been rejoicing at its latest “triumph” in Tasmania.  I am referring to the Reproductive Health Bill that has passed the lower house in Hobart on the votes of 13 compliant Labor MPs.  The Mercury in Hobart reported that women’s groups and “Medical bodies” had welcomed this. On closer scrutiny, the only “medical body” to declare this appears to be a family planning and abortion clinic in Hobart.

“Wilko’s View on Paying Bills”

by Jim Wilkinson
2013 Wilko Report Tuesday 6 May “Wilko’s view on paying bills” A colleague mentioned last week how he had revised his billing practices to cope with a large outstanding sum of fees owing to his practice. I am a dinosaur in this respect. My parents never had more than the old basic wage but taught us to always pay your bills. When my dad retired in 1974 he was on $60 a week – the same year my basic pay in my  first year after graduation was $90. But my parents had no debts and certainly no money owing to […]

In Praise of Surgeons and Anaesthetists…

by Jim Wilkinson
2013 April 23rd Wilko Report In praise of surgeons and anaesthetists… One of  the unintended consequences of  “The War of ‘84’” – that is, the NSW Doctors’ Dispute with the Wran Labor Government, was the invention of the term,  “Cognitive Specialties”. I have no idea who gave birth to this term. It was used to differentiate doctors who did not do technical and surgical procedures from those who gave thought and advice only to patients. Thus surgeons, anaesthetists, surgeons assistants and some radiologists fell into another category, “procedural specialists”. With the rise of interventional radiology, cardiology and many physicians now […]

True “Reform” of the Practice of Medicine

by Jim Wilkinson
The Wilko Report for Tuesday Feb 26th, 2013 True “Reform” of the Practice of Medicine Since 2007, the Federal Government has thrown the word “Reform”  around as much as it has broadcast our hard earned tax dollars ( as well as money borrowed Wan, Yen, Euros and anything else  they can clutch at) into the aether. “Reform” is spoken of as though it is all good, but the word literally means re- shaping – improvement is not inherent. An opportunity presents itself for our profession, if only our colleagues have enough “gumption” to rear up and slay the dragon of […]


by John Carlyle
Krill are the very small crustaceans, relatives of crabs, lobsters , crayfish, shrimps – whales, penguins,fish squid, feed upon them for essential food. Krill oil is extracted from the KRILL the the essential food of every species and Whales that live in the coldest areas of the world. By harvesting the important and fundamental food of Whales the growth of already endangered cold climate animal species is jeopardised. Both climate alteration and harvesting will endanger the world’s Krill and may devastate the Krill. ALL FOR NO HUMAN BENEFIT. The insignificant, if any,  benefit for human nutrition is doubtful. There is […]


by Jim Wilkinson
  A recent feature article in a Sunday paper showed a young woman teacher with her beautiful young son who was perhaps 3 years old. She was proudly telling the world that she “didn’t believe in vaccinating her boy’ against infectious diseases as she thought he was better to develop his own immunity “naturally”. I wonder what she will say if and when he chokes to death from diphtheria or whooping cough, or is paralysed forever by poliomyelitis, or dies a miserable slow death from measles encephalitis.