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Community Activities | getting children involved

Getiing children involved in local community activities can boost your child’s self esteem, confidence and help them to

build new skills.

It is also a great way to broaden your child’s knowledge.

You can get your child involved by firstly selecting activities that your child is already familiar with and loves.

For instance, lets say your child has a love of horses – however your circumstances prohibit the purchase of a horse for

your child.
Organize a family outing to a place where they are giving pony rides for disabled children. Ask the organizer whether

your child could help with leading the ponies. Give a helping hand yourself leading by example is one of the best ways

to teach your child about community activities.
Involve your child in baking some cookies to hand out to the children at the pony ride event and let your child

distribute the cookies to the other children and parents.
Expain to your child the therepudic value of the pony rides, and the value of your childs interaction with children less

fortunate than themselves.

Encourage your children to share their experiences with their peers and offer to take their friends along to the next

event if they are interested.
Getting your children involved in any community activities will bring them in contact with like-minded peers and

positive adult role models, this places their own family experiences and values into a wider context, giving them a new

found confidence and food for thought.

Involvement in community activities helps to create a sense of belonging and or a connectedness to the local community

and the wider world.

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