During Our First Year

My nickname Merlin.

During our first year of operation we have welcomed many great people to Mikode.net. The past year, as predicted in my first post on November 17, 2011, Mikode is indeed developing into an exciting project. With eight new community sites and two more in the pipeline this month, the addition of the Mikode Newsletter and Mimedikal.com, development is progressing nicely.
Mikode.net is proud to welcome every new member. However, we would also encourage you to start taking part and join the Mikode.net conversation. You can do this by answering a question where you have the experience and knowledge to help a fellow member of the community, start a new post by asking your own question or maybe writing on topics of interest to the community in general or by commenting on one of our many current and thought provoking posts and news stories. We appreciate that many of our new members may feel that they lack the experience to be able to help others just yet, and that’s fine as our community embraces every level of expertise from beginner to guru, but that doesn’t mean you cannot participate in the Mikode.net conversation. How about taking a look at and participating in some of the groups and forums, for example? This is where members chill out with laid back chat and questions that are topic related. All we ask is that before you post anything, you take the time to quickly search before you post [the Mikode.net search box is at the top right of your screen] to see if a similar post/question already exists instead of just duplicating existing ones. The main message we would like to get across this month is that Mikode.net belongs to you, it is your community and will only continue to grow, mature and evolve if you take part and join the conversation. So what are you waiting for?

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