Electricity Created in the Ocean – Enel ‘Spider”

These are interesting technological projects to create electricity.

Ocean waves are an abundant and untapped source of renewable energy.
This energy is then converted into grid-connected electricity.
Mounted on the seabed, the units are designed to adapt to marine life.

Various projects have been in experimental stages for quite some time
however there seems to be a lack of information online as to the progress.
If anyone reading this has any more updated information, please let us know via the comments below.

Biowave : Biomimicry to generate power a la Kelp : Anyone who has ever been scuba diving in a bull kelp forest will tell you – the stuff does not stand still. The marine aquatic plant consists of a long skinny-but-tough stem that is anchored to the sea floor and topped with a hollow float, from which a number of “leaves” (or blades) extend to the surface. The result is a seaweed that extends vertically up through the water column, continuously swaying back and forth with the surging waves. The researchers at Australia’s BioPower Systems evidently looked at that kelp, and thought, “what if we could use that swaying action to generate power?” The result was their envisioned bioWAVE system.

Extending up from the middle of a triangular foundation would be a central column, topped with multiple blades – these would actually be more like a combination of the kelp’s blades and floats, as they would be cylindrical, buoyant structures that just reach to the surface. The column would join the foundation via a hinged pivot, allowing it to bend or swivel in any direction.

This movement would pressurize fluid within an integrated hydraulic power conversion module, known as an O-Drive. The movement of that fluid would spin a generator, converting the kinetic energy of the waves into electricity, which would then be delivered to shore via subsea cables. The video below illustrates how the system would work.

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