Short History Of The World Part 5

So far I think I have depicted what is generally accepted as historical and archeological facts, with a couple of my own theories about Eden, thrown in.  However, personally I find there are some real puzzles, concerning what is presented in the accepted story.

For instance some of the time lines for mans evolution, the iron age etc., don’t make any sense to me. If you look at the Darwinian theory that Homo Sapiens evolved from Homo Erectus – where is the evidence? Let’s for the moment accept the evolution from the ape to Homo Erectus as depicted in Part 2. [see “Lucy”] – where is the evidence of evolution to Homo Sapiens? – There isn’t any – that is what is known as the missing link! It does not make any sense to me, having found so many fossils leading up to “Lucy” that there is no evidence of  later fossils, confirming this evolution. You would think that some fossil evidence of the evolution to modern man would have been found. I have been watching out for news of such a find since 1968. There have been plenty of false alarms over the years, like the “Java Man” but the missing link, has not surfaced.

Then if we are to believe that the iron age was around 3,500 years ago, where did the Iron staples found within the Egyptian and South American pyramids come from? There are many more instances that indicate to me that the historical time lines, and theories we are expected to accept are wrong. The following video narrated by Charlton Heston, addresses many of the theories I have questioned myself over the years.

Continued from Part 4

To be continued in Part 6

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