How Can Mikode Help Local Businesses

There are millions of online reps soliciting bricks and mortar local businesses every day via email.

Their pitch goes along these lines:

If you don’t have a mobile website… some scare mongering…. we can set one up for you for $ XXXX.

If you don’t have a Facebook page…some scare mongering…. we can set one up for you for $ XXXX.

Your website isn’t on the first page of Google search…some scare mongering…. we can set one up for you for $ XXXX.

You don’t have a QR code on your site..some scare mongering…. we can set one up for you for $ XXXX.

Your business isn’t listed in local pages, yellow pages, etc., etc.

Your website won’t get any traffic unless you promote it… some scare mongering…. purchase our viral traffic product, our article marketing product – and so the lists go on – for $ XXXX.

All the above is quite legit in theory, however business people are too busy running their businesses day to day to do all the day to day tasks necessary for good online promotions. Most small businesses can’t afford an IT department or the fees for a marketing company. Even PPC [Pay Per Click] online advertising costs an arm and a leg these days.

So How Can Mikode Help.

Before the advent of the internet it was accepted that word of mouth referrals from satisfied customers or endorsements from respected local businesses was the best form of advertising.

Well I believe that this is still the case and there are some interesting statistics to support that belief.

Entrepreneur Magazine

The Fastest way to get the cash registers ringing is a little- used method that involves forming “host- beneficiary” relationships with established businesses that cater to a target audience similar to yours.

In other words form relationships with other businesses in  your locality who are not in direct competition with you but serve the same targeted customers.

Let’s suppose you’re a landscape gardener. You could form  relationships with at least  three other complementary businesses in your locality. For instance a Home Valuer, an Ornamental Iron Company and a pest control company.

let’s assume each individual business has 200 satisfied customers [a conservative estimate]. If these businesses would promote your business and you promoted their business, then each business would have expanded their promotional reach by 600 customers. You can promote each other through your stationary, flyers, word of mouth etc., etc.

As a member of you can find local businesses in your area, form private groups wherein you can exchange promotional materials and ideas. Joint venture with the other businesses to advertise to your local market via and keep up with the local trends. More importantly you can ask your satisfied customers to come to your local community site at and tell other locals about their good experiences dealing with your business.

Because local community sites are organized via  post/zip code locations you can truly narrow your targeted audience down to a very specific local area. Remember if a local community site is not published on, we will build one for you for free. All you have to do is ask via a ticket at the support desk.


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