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How to Connect with Your Local Community Worldwide

It doesn’t matter where your local community is located in the world – will connect you to it and enable you to communicate with its members.

All local community sites are listed in the Mikode network via their respective post/zip area codes.

If you join the membership and your community site is not listed, just contact support and request a site be built for your community. Mikode will build, host and maintain a site for your local community within 72 hours – these services are all free for members.

As A member, the first step to connecting with your community is to set up your profile. Full instructions for setting up your profile, posting and use of all the utilities within are given at:

Mikode net is an ideal venue for Internet Marketing for local businesses and worldwide distributors.

This is due to the ability to guest post within any community – enabling you to communicate any information [suitable for family viewing] to a targeted audience. Links within the posts to your own websites or affiliate offers are accepted so long as they don’t lead to scams and aren’t outright spam. The sites are moderated and evidence of illegal or hate related promotions will be deleted and the members account suspended after 1 warning.

Mikode has a huge audience – rated as the top “Local Community Sites” in the world by Google [see the search results for today below]:

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So whether you are a community minded individual, a local business or an internet marketer the best way to connect with your local community and other worldwide communities is to connect through


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