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How To Promote Your Business Online

Whether you are looking to promote your business to a local community or worldwide make sure to watch this video.

Or Download the pdf.How to Promote Your Local Business Online

Also here is the transcript of the video if you prefer to read:

How to Promote Your Local Business Online – Video Transcript
Today I want to show you a simple, quick, inexpensive solution: to get new customers via the internet.
My name is Kitty Jellinek and as a web developer for the past fourteen years I have identified the main reasons why so many businesses are failing to promote their businesses effectively online.
Basically the main excuses I hear from business owners for failing to promote themselves successfully online are as follows:
1. Not enough time – too busy running my business to deal with online promotions.
In today’s world online promotions are an integral part of running any business.
2. Too costly – I can’t afford online advertising.
Today I will show you the best online advertising for $5 per month.
3.Misinformation & information overload – I have no idea where to start – I have been solicited by services providing, SEO, PPC advertising, web building, email marketing, solo ads , article marketing, forums, blogs, Face book fan pages, twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, video marketing etc., etc.
I will let you in on a secret. You are not alone. As a matter of fact a whole multimillion dollar industry has developed to service local business owners in this dilemma. The local business service industry has become so lucrative that it has attracted the sharks to the feeding frenzy – beware you don’t get eaten by these scammers, posing as experts in their field, behind impressive looking websites with fake testimonials and income proof.
It is very easy to check for yourself who is legit and who isn’t, when you know how.
More importantly you should have a good grasp of the BIG Picture of online promotions yourself before hiring anyone. It is the only way you can control your businesses good reputation online.
If you can invest one hour per week and $5 per month to promote your business online, then I have a solution for you. Note: this works for any legitimate business except Adult porn, and gambling.
Here is an outline of what you need to do:
Step one: Join Mikode.net via the seven days free trial at: https://mikode.net/join-mikode/free-7-day-trial/
Step 2: Download the free gift from the members area – This is a short – to the point book, written with no techi jargon, giving you the Big picture of online promotions. It also explains why Mikode is the only site you will have to interact with to get your business in front of prospective customers, locally and worldwide. Amongst other things Mikode is a Local Community Network of sites worldwide. When you place your advert on Mikode in the form of a post,

[You can include images, PDF’s, audio and videos] Mikode will also place your post on all the major social sites like face book, twitter Google+, Pinterest etc., with the click of a button.
In other words, there is no need to go to all your social sites to brand your business, as it’s all done through Mikode – let’s say it takes you 25minutes to write a post telling people all about your business, in less than 5 minutes all the social sites are notified of your new post as well – this is a huge time saver.
You can make as many posts as you like and use all the other features on Mikode for the tiny membership subscription of $5 per month. Note that all profits from the subscriptions are paid back to members via the great rewards program at Mikode.
Sounds too good to be true?
Previously I said: It is very easy to check for yourself who is legit and who isn’t, when you know how.
I am going to show you now so you can check out Mikode.net for yourself.
When anybody states they can promote you online you should check out how successful they are at promoting themselves. So do a search in Google for the keywords being promoted.
Mikode is a Local Community Network Site so do a search for: local community sites.
Below are my results – but do the search yourself to verify it.
Note that Mikode is in the #1 and #2 positions on the first page of Google search and listed above 1,050,000,000 competitors [one billion, fifty million competing].

mikode search results 28th April 2016

Posts within Mikode are also at the top of page one in Google search results.

Notice Boards for community sites within Mikode are also topping the search results.

Where else can you post as many full page ads as you like for $5 per month?
Where else can you control the demographics of your post so acutely?
Where else can you request for a local community site to be built, hosted and managed for you, at no cost to you? In other words if your local business is in Timbuktu and Mikode has not built a local community site for Timbuktu, just make a request via support and Mikode will build the site for you, so you can post on it.
Mikode’s functions are fully explained and really easy to implement – however should you have any problems or questions, the support at Mikode will help you every step of the way.
Mikode has two subscription options:
• $5 monthly – currently there is a 7 day free trial.
• Or if you want us to do all the promotional posts for your business on Mikode, subscribe to Mikode Business Services $195 per month.
Make Mikode, Your Code today. Join us and see your business promotions at the top of Google too.

Mikode® Local Community sites Worldwide

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