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Future Forest – Turning Today’s Desert into Future’s Forest

Update: We were delighted to receive an email from Ambassador Kwon Byong-hyon. He told us that delegates had very warmly received his presentation at the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification COP9 Summit in Buenos Aires. Our video, Taming the Yellow Dragon A Billion Trees in the Desert was used during the Buenos Aires presentation.

In fact, the Future Forest project in the Kubuqi Desert is now being held up as a flagship model for afforestation projects around, and Kwon Byong-hyon has been asked to serve as a roaming ambassador for the UNCCD.

Our warmest congratulations!

Future Forest is a non-governmental organization based in Korea which was established
in 2001. Kwon Byong Hyon, former Korean Ambassador to China, experienced
severe yellow dust storms (Asian dust or yellow sand) during his service
in China, realizing the necessity of combating desertification.

He began tree planting projects with young Korean and Chinese volunteers aiming to prevent soil
erosion and land degradation which were main causes of yellow dust storms afflicting Northeast Asia, including China, Korea and Japan.

The Great Green Wall, a 16 km-long windbreak forest in the Kubuqi desert in Inner Mongolia, China is said to be one of the most successful projects in fighting

The Kubuqi desert was the closest desert to Korea as well as one of the main sources of yellow dust storms blown to Beijing and Seoul.

In cooperation with the All-China Youth Federation and the local Dalateqi Government, Future Forest initiated a large-scale afforestation project to stop the eastward expansion of the Kubuqi desert in October, 2006.

At first some scientists opposed the project because they though a moving sand-dune desert cannot be stopped by tree-planting. However, the Great Green Wall consisting of more than six million
trees  has already taken shape at the easternmost area of the desert, preventing the desert from expanding. You can see the vivid contrast between before and after tree-planting in the area from a satellite view through Google Earth.

Future Forrests

For more information about Future Forest:
Future Forest’s Homepage

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