Introduction & Instructions: To Local Community Sites/Portals.

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Hello and welcome to MIKODE [pronounced MY CODE].

At first glance you may think this site is a directory for Local Community Sites. 

In a way it is – but so much more – and very different from your usual directory sites.

Therefore we feel it is very important you read through these instructions to enable you to take advantage of all the features available to you.

Firstly lets look at the concept: is the main site and acts as a secure gatekeeper for all the local community sites [portals] within the network. creates and promotes your local community sites.

Best Practices Step By Step

Mikode Home Page

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Join Mikode [see image above]

You will recieve a welcome email from mikode, make sure to save your log in details in a safe easy to find place. You will need it in the next step.

Log in [see image above]

Once logged in you are logged in to all the community sites on the network. You will see a black bar across the top of your page. Hover over the left side of the bar to see a dropdown of all the community sites you are logged in to. Your name is in the far right corner of the black bar.

Hover your mouse over your name and click on “Edit Profile” [see image above]

Edit you profile and from within the profile page click on the “Extended Profile” tab and fill out the info there as well.

NOTE: After filling out your age – set the viewing option to: “only me” – this will keep your info private You should never set your real name and age for public viewing anywhere online, due to identity theft.

So To Summarize Our Steps So Far

We are working on the homepage of the main mikode site. By joining and logging in to the main site – we now have access to all the local community sites. We can also access our profile, Activity wall, Notifications, Messages, Friends, Groups, Forums, Settings and Media.

Remember to allways log in to the main mikode site BEFORE attempting to post or edit anything in the local community sites.

If you attempt to log in to a local community site you will be redirected to the main mikode site because:


Accessing & Posting to Local Community Sites

community sites dropdown menu

Once you have logged into the main site click on the “My Sites” tab in the top left black bar [see image above] A drop down menu will appear with all the Local Community Sites you have access to. Hover you mouse over the site you want to post to. A new menu will slide out to the right. Click on “New Post” [see image above].

This will bring you to the Gutenberg editor screen. If you don’t know how to use the editor to create your post please watch the video below.

And here is another very hany Video on how to use the Gutenberg editor.

Once you have created your post don’t forget to publish it or update it if you have already published it but added to it after publishing.

Very Important Next Steps

You have created your post on a Local Community Site. However your post won’t display to its best advantage on the home page, in directories, in groups, on the aggregate activity walls of the main mikode site, on social sites etc. if you miss these next steps.

For every post you publish you need to add 1] a Featured Image. 2] a Post Excerpt 3] Categories & Tags

Featured Image

Post excerpt

Categories & Tags

tiger featured image example
tiger featured image example


Bengal Tigers are the only tigers known to thrive in a mangrove habitat! Prime lowland forest is their favourite habitat within Nepal, and in Bhutan they live in the subtropical Himalayan foothills and in north temperate forests.

RangeIndia, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan
HabitatTropical rainforest, marshes and tall grass
 Name: Bengal Tiger
Scientific NamePanthera tigris tigris

By adding the 3 steps above you have now created an advertisement for your post, which will show up in designated places. and the search engines. When people click on the “Read More” tab they will go to your post.

I hope from this example you can appreciate the value of taking these 3 extra steps in completing your posts.

And these extra steps are really easy to achieve from within the editor.

At the top of the right hand column in the editor click on “Post” select post

Then fill out the following options in the dropdown dropdown


Post exerpt example

Final Steps

If you haven’t done so already – create a group on the main mikode site or join an existing group in your category.

Copy the link of the post you created and paste it to your group.

By placing your post into the group – your post will now appear on the activity wall of the main site. This will give your post a tremendous boost in the search engines

Also make use of the social tabs below your post to promote your post to  other social sites like facebook, twitter, instagram etc. 


Creating good quality posts on your Local Community Site and getting them into the aggregate activity wall on the main site via the groups is the best way to promote anything. Whether its an idea, cause or your own sites.

If you have a business site online, in my opinion there is no better way to promote it than to follow the steps outlined on this page. Create one quality post a week, include your sites link within the post and you will see a substantial increase in traffic to your site.


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