Introduction & Instructions: To Local Community Sites/Portals.

Local community Sites in conjunction with - the parent or Main site; are devoted to all the aspects of their respective communities. Designed for those who want to passively find out more about the districts and its peoples.
Also for those who want to take an active part in their local communities and general progressive development of the district.
Important Note For All Members Wanting To Post To The Community Notice Boards:
All community notice boards are run via You will need to Join Ispy to use the site, [joining is free]. Once you have joined please send the username you signed up with via a ticket at our Support Desk. We will then manually give you Author status so you can post messages to your local community notice board.Sorry for the inconvenience but this stops the spammers from spamming the notice boards. is the parent site which gives user functionality to all the other sites, within the network. All membership registrations are made through Therefore if a visitor to one of the local community sites decides to join that local community they are seamlessly redirected to Likewise if a member, logs in to one of the local community sites, they are redirected to the Members information page at When you sign up for a mikode membership you automatically become a member of every local community site in the network. is the central hub where users create profiles, post to their own wall, or make posts on mikode, message each other, create image galleries, form groups, forums and can view network wide activities on the mikode activity wall. Members of can make posts, comment and share on all local community sites and unless users set their activities to private, their activities will be seen on the main sites activity wall. For ease of use it is important to understand the navigation of these sites, which are described in the video. mikode connects local community sites

Practical Site Usage Suggestions

A Local Butcher

Could join the general group in his/her local community and announce that the shop is starting a forum where the best
meat cuts of the day/week will be showcased. Customers can be kept updated on daily specials, coupons etc. This butcher
could produce a leaflet including the forum  link on, explaining that there is a forum available, where the customers can interact and keep updated. Encouraging the customers to take the leaflet from the butchers counter at point of meat sales will result in customer participation and feedback in the butcher’s forum.

Resolving Residential Issues

You live in a street where you feel a safety crossing to the school bus is needed. You could start a forum topic over this issue via your local community group in Miode. Then canvas all the residents in your street to come to the forum and voice their opinion on the issue. If the consensus of the other residents shows the majority of residents in your street see a need for a crossing – then you could show the results to your local member.
You could start a topic on any interest you would like to share/get feedback on, within your local community site posts,
groups and forums; whether for business, hobby or private

Ask Others To Join In

The Local Community Sites are created for the people and by the people residing within their respective local communities.
The survival of these sites depends on the interest shown by the local community. We feel that these sites can fulfill a very useful purpose in our communities – we need your help to make it so.
Your interaction and spreading the word to others to join in, is the life blood of this site.

Tell People About This Site

• Tell your friends and neighbors.
• Tell your local shop keepers.
• Tell your Facebook followers
• Tweet about the site on twitter
Interact with this site.
• Write your own posts
• Read and comment on other peoples posts
• Create a profile, group, forum , photo album.
Above all be kind to each other and have some fun.

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