Local Community Sites Stand Out From The Crowd

Local Community Sites

Local community sites help both residents and local businesses to communicate with each other. Today most businesses recognise the need to interact with social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.  However the time invested in interacting with these sites is exorbitant. There is another option – local community sites.

Local Community Sites – Stand Out From The Crowd

Local community sites stand out from the crowd online for several reasons:

Firstly, when you post a message on any local community site on Mikode it is there to stay. Activity walls on most social media sites, push messages down – out of sight within seconds. With the click of a button posts on Mikode can be re-posted on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, GooglePlus and Pinterest. This saves a great deal of time.

Secondly, as an individual or business entity, you can laser target your audience. By selecting the post/zip area code on Mikode you will be addressing the residence of that area with your message. Mikode.net also has social utilities, which can be used by its members. Here you can plan events, message each other, etc. etc.. Online safety is also paramount you can choose what is to be public or private via your profile on Mikode.net. Find out more about: Building Your Local Community Site Interaction.

Also if you are a local business owner who simply does not have the time to promote their business: Special Announcement for Local Community Businesses

Local Community Sites are Free.

View our article on: Add Your Local Community Site
We build, host and manage your local community site for free. However you need to be a $5 monthly member to request the development of your Local Community site. There is currently a free trial of the mikode.net membership here. Free 7 Day Trial.

To find out more about Mikode.net and the directory of local community sites on Mikode.net go to: Our About Page.

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