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What a lot of people fail to realize today is that the well being of local businesses affects everyone economically.
Local Shopping


The main reason why people shop in chain stores within their own localities, rather than at the local business outlets is twofold.

1] People mistakenly think that the chain store in their locality is a local business.
2] Local businesses can’t compete with the monopolistic advertising of the super stores.


Above is today’s Woolworth’s online catalogue – For area 4221.
When I see this type of advertisement I ask:
½ prices, compared to what norm? Is this ½ the price that Woolworths usually charges or around ½ the price of what other stores charge?
So I decided to investigate the Rump Steak and clicked on the rump steak. This is what came up:

check out

I could not find out what the required min. Quantity was as an attempt to add to cart gave an “out of stock” message. This in itself is annoying as the offer is supposed to run till the 28th of April and I am doing this investigation on the 23rd April.
So then I phoned the Local Butcher in the 4221 area and asked him what the price was for a kilo of premium rump steak today. He said $24 per kilo or $14. per kilo if you bought 5 kilo’s
So Woolworths is advertising Rump steak at; save $5 per kilo today at $13.99 with a min. Unadvertised quantity requirement.
The local butcher’s normal price in the same area is $14. for a min. Quantity requirement of 5 kilos.
So it seems, Woolworth’s $5 off special is 1 cent cheaper than the local butcher’s normal price.
The problem is, the local butcher and other local businesses can’t compete with the advertising of the chain stores – especially in this digital age.

So the question I ask myself:
How much  can you save if you buy in bulk from your local shops?

In the above example when you buy 5 kilos of rump at a time you are saving around $10 per kilo.
Consider networking with other people within your local community at Mikode.net who would be interested in bulk shopping with you.

Mikode Local Community Sites can Level the Playing Field for Local Businesses.

In today’s digital age, small local businesses are doing everything they can to promote themselves online.

  • Create a Mobile responsive site
  • List their site in Local Directories
  • Advertise in the Yellow Pages
  • Get onto Google Places – pointing back to their sites
  • Have a Facebook , Twitter, etc., account pointing back to their sites
  • Distribute Local Flyers and mailbox drops, with link back to their site
  • Service their customer lists with newsletters, with link back to their site
    And if they can afford it:
  • Local Newspaper Advertising
  • Local Radio Advertising
  • Google Adsense Ad campaigns

All the above are good legit self promotional efforts – with the exception of Google Adsense campaigns [expect to spend around $60,000 per month], none of the above will bring the results needed for Local businesses.
The reason is that local businesses need geo targeted traffic to come to their sites to be of any benefit.
You can purchase geo targeted traffic to come to your sites for around $1 per 1000 visitors. The problem with this type of traffic is most of it is robotic – in other words no real people ever see your site. Also the geo targeting is only per country. Not much use to the local butcher to have people from all over Australia come to the site- or the butcher in New York getting visitors from Portland Oregon.
In the old days, good reputation word of mouth advertising was the best form of recruiting new customers. Today that is no longer the case as more and more people turn to the internet to find out about merchants, compare services, prices and read reviews, before considering who they want to deal with.
All the above promotional methods are expensive and time consuming; actually to execute them properly your business would have to have or hire an IT department.

But We Have A Great Solution for Local Businesses Promotions Right Here At Mikode.

Take your Local Business Promotions to the next level .

Business Promotions

You won’t just get more traffic to your own business site. You will have access to communicate with all your customers from one platform. Interchange ideas within local B2B groups. Find out what the local community in your post/zip code area needs and then spread the word to Facebook, twitter, Google + and Pinterest with one click.

Now for $5 per month you can play on a level playing field with the giants in this industry.
We have written an informational eBook for you, “Do You Get IT?” You can download it or read it online for free – no optins or shenanigans. It is short – to the point and a step by step guide on how to use the Mikode local community network to get your business seen by your local community. Click on the link below to get  it now:


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