Modern Communication for local communities

Modern Communication – Positive Effects for Local Communities.

Much has been talked about the negative effects of modern communication on society.

Especially the effects on children, who are apparently loosing the natural ability for face recognition – due to non face to face communication.

Social skills have been negatively effected, as well as language skills.

Communicating Quickly

That being said – I have no doubt that put to good use our ability to communicate quickly with each other via modern communication tools is a huge advantage.

In the not too distant past the turn around time for an international letter was about ten days – today email, mobile phone text messages, and video conferencing are almost instant and mostly free.

Also a much overlooked advantage, is today’s ability for instant publishing online. This can have a positive effect on local communities.

Today members of a local community site [like the ones found on] can publish their grievances and pleasures to the rest of their local community in minutes.

In today’s tumultuous world I think it more important than ever to have strong ties to your local community.

Closely networked local communities can really help each other in the hour of need. Of course you need to be prepared to give not just take.

Old people can pass on knowledge to the young – young people can assist the old. Local businesses can give discounts to locals – whilst locals can support their local businesses by shopping locally. Trading skills and time with each other fairly can improve social, economic and environmental conditions in your local community.

Social Media Abuse

Social media has been seriously abused by many, with superficial snippets directed at so called friends on sites like Facebook. The desire to get as many “Likes’ as possible has driven people to post mostly useless drivel or pay companies for fake “Likes”. The competition to be popular is so fierce that some individuals who have been snubbed have commited suicide. Others spend countless hours online trying to communicate with as many people as possible, seeking popularity.

To sum it all up: Modern Communication devices can have Positive Effects for Local Communities and People in general if used constructively.


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