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Special Announcement

Our first community project for 2013 is about to launch on 17th March 2013.


Mikode Music Competition 2013

An Online Talent Contest

Open to all music genres i.e.:  Solo or groups, vocals and or instrumentals, originals or covers.


1st prize professional recording at AAA Studios located at:

 Caloundra Music Academy, in Caloundra QLD Australia.


Plus online promotion of your CD for one year – see demo page CLICK HERE.

10% of revenue from your CD sales to be donated to a school which you nominate.


  •  Winner will be decided by public votes.

How to enter:

1] Upload your performance to You Tube with instructions on how to vote, within the You Tube “description”.

TITLE: [Name of the song or instrumental] – music competition.

Description EXAMPLE:

“Hi this is my entry in the Mikode Music Competition 2013 – a community project.

To win this competition I need your vote.

If you like my performance please vote for me by doing the following:

Sign up for a free membership at:

Click on my [place your real name here] under the members directory at That will bring you to my profile page where you can leave a comment which will count as a vote for me.

The prize for this competition is a professional recording and online promotion of my CD for a full year. 10% of the CD sales will go to [the school you nominate]. This is a great way for me to give back to my community – when I win.”

2] Sign up for a free membership to create a profile using your real name. Go to your You Tube video and click on the “Share” tab. This will generate a URL link. Copy and paste the link into your first profile wall post after the 17th March 2013 at Make sure to save your post – your You Tube video will now appear on your profile wall, ready for people to leave their comments below it.

3] Let everyone know the address of your profile page on where they can vote for you via a comment.

Competition starts on 17th March 2013 – Voting closes on the 17th July 2013 – Winner to be announced as soon as all the votes are counted.

Note: Votes on You Tube will not be counted as those votes can be manipulated.

Only votes via the comments on your profile wall at will be counted.

Comments at can only be made by registered, logged in members [registration is free]. This ensures that real people are voting and stops robotic voting.

UPDATE: This Competition is over – Note We no longer have free sign ups to due to spam, again the few ruin it for the many.

If you would like us to run a  project for your local community please apply at the Support Desk.

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