New Additions to the Site

I have made some changes to the site over the past couple of days.
Firstly you will now find a directory for all the post code/zip code sites under the “Blogs” tab in the top navigation bar. Note that the “Blogs” tab extends to the  “Articles” tab in the drop down menu. From now on all posts will be found on the “Articles” page. To create your own post which will appear on the “Articles” page – click on the “Dashboard” tab and select “New Post”. [note you must be logged in to use this function.]

Secondly you can now find and create all your own images in your own album. Go to your “Profile Wall” and click on Photos to see any images in your album – they will appear as thumb shots and expand to full size when you click on them. You can also upload new images to your album via the “Photos” link in your wall menu.

To see other members albums click on their avatars to take you to their profile wall then click on the “Photos” link. To invite anyone to view your album, just copy the link from your browser and paste it into your email message to send to family and friends. When they click on the link they will be taken to your album.

If you are having troubles implementing anything on the site check out the “FAQ” – If you can’t find the answer there please send a message via the “Contact & Support” widget on the home page. If no one from support is online, we will get back to you within 12 hours.

Currently you may see a lot of blank advertising slots on the site – that is because we are currently in the process of setting up advertising channels.

We transferred the whole Mikode site to a new server last week. It has made a remarkable difference in the speed of page loads and the site is now loading 23% faster.

Keep a look out for new post code/zip code sites coming soon to the “Blogs” directory.

That’s all for now folks.



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