RF4221-au Whaling

The Japanese Whaling fleet left Japan funded by $28 million from Earthquake reconstruction fund.This means the poor victims of the earthquake fund are short changed by $28 million dollars.  This fleet has an armed escort fitted with water cannons. This is a new aggressive stance taken by the Japanese government.

The world shakes it collective head and asks Why?

Very few people in Japan eat whale meat – there is no research being carried out OR are the Japanese researchers so poor quality that the most expensive annual short term research budget in the world has failed to produce anything so consistently over decades. So next time a Japanese admits they are a marine scientist – have a good laugh but don’t employ them.

The best way to alter the old Japanese obstinacy is to educate the young Japanese such as tourists or exchange students by taking them out for whale watching and imbue them with the fascination of fellow mammals.

The reason for this recurring money wasting exercise of unnecessary slaughter hidden in the Southern  Ocean [ imagine what would happen if the fleet turned up on the whale migration on the Eastern seaboard of the United States] is simply saving FACE – the Japanese cannot admit that whaling as an acceptable activity has ended in the civilised world.

Their last hidden useless research on mammals was on Chinese , Koreans and other South East Asians – read about the antics of Unit 731 – the Epidemic Prevention Department of the Japanese Army. That turned out to be unacceptable. Now it has moved to the Minke and Selected Sperm whales.

Don’t hold out for change of attitude too soon- the Japanese ethos is essentially frozen in time due to their past long isolation, which is essential for their cohesiveness –  no asylum seekers tolerated there.

The actions of the Australian government is the usual response of giving the appearance of doing something whilst not actually doing anything .

Oh yes of course !- we are going to court somewhere in the world – but haven’t got a boat near the whalers collecting any evidence. Unusual court – doesn’t require any evidence to be presented.

Everyone is having a Whale of a time except the Whales !




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