My community nickname Merlin.

Social Contribution For Your Local Community.

My nickname Merlin.

One of the purposes of is to share information about collaborative activities that have been undertaken, are in the process of being undertaken or are under development in your own local communities defined by the postcode/zip code regions you live in. It is anticipated that the circulation of this information will assist in the coordination of world wide projects and activities. Collaborative engagement between diverse communities empowers people to generate more opportunities for their own local communities.

Therefore if you are aware of anyone in your community championing a cause that will benefit your community please make them aware of
We know there are many social sites online where people can communicate with each other but are they really useful?

Take Facebook for instance, originally designed as a bulletin board for a university; then multiple universities. Everyone wanted in on this communication tool which Facebook provided so brilliantly and everybody was welcomed with open arms. In my opinion this diversification from the original plot turned Facebook into the most successful online social site but steered it far off course from its original course. Today Facebook is mainly used to promote businesses via so called “Fan Pages”.

Then came Twitter: take a look at this quote from

“When Twitter first burst through the web-0-sphere, at the time it was a game-changing event, and was for a time the latest and greatest new web application on the planet, but recent events have caused many analysts, including me, to ponder whether or not its credibility has now been compromised.

In the last few days reports have emerged that celebrities have been paid to tweet their praise for various goods and services, (the going rate for celebrity tweeting reportedly ranges from $2,500 to $8,000 per tweet) and the main culprits in the pay-per-tweet scandal seem to be in the leisure and tourism industry. Twitter, to its credit, has tried to shut these ‘pay per tweet’ companies down, but I wonder if it is already too late, and the damage might already have been done.

Add to this the next unpleasant Twitter phenomenon which is tweet-hacking, where just like in email hacking, people’s Twitter profiles have had their security breached, and unauthorized spam has been sent around, compromising the credibility of the poor soul whose account was violated.

Moreover, I have personally received highly inappropriate Tweets from various people who have sent me messages that have attached virii and pornographic images as well as links to some fairly dodgy content.

I am also very lukewarm on those who use it as a blatant sales tool, tweeting such turnoffs as “buy our latest gadget, click here…”, and those who do the classic bait-and-switch tactic, teasing their followers with promises of links to mysterious and intriguing content, only to direct them straight to a sales page where they hope by some fluke that punters will buy whatever it is that they are selling. Not so smart.

Even beyond these flagrant abuses of the spirit of Twitter and its proper usage, I have pondered from time to time, about its very nature and the kind of users it attracts. It CAN, at times, be a magnet for very banal content. Do I, (and does the world) need to know that person x just woke up, or that they just LOVE Seinfeld re-runs, or that they have the cutest dog in the Universe, and here’s a picture?

I do wonder what is gained by the dissemination of this content. Has Twitter become merely the latest platform for navel-gazing and narcissism?”

Many people feel powerless to contribute anything to their local community in a meaningful way.

Today there is an opportunity for you to make a “Social Contribution For Your Local Community” by sharing your knowledge and spreading the news about this site within your own community.


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