Social Media Lynch Mob Mentality.

It is horrendous to see the amount of people on social media sites like facebook and twitter; setting themselves up as judge and jury, in reaction to news stories around the world.

At a time when there are so many displaced people, who have gone through hell, lost their families and communities, you’d think that compassion and support would be at an all time high – not so!

At least that is the impression you get when reading comments on social media sites. The refugee dilemma sporns thousands of comments like this:

“Are you kidding me?
Why the f^^^ should we help these bastards. The women are sluts that’s why there are so many homeless kids. The men are cowards running away from a war in their own country, they should stay and fight and protect their families instead of expecting us to give them handouts. Hope more of the bastards drown good riddance!”

And then there are the people who like to attach their own sentencing before a trial. Without any more information than the sensationalistic news reports, they boldly state, Mr. or Miss X should get a life sentence. I remember the ‘Azaria” case where I was ridiculed for stating  that no one could form a fair opinion with the information we were privy to. Nonetheless many people accused Lindy Chamberlain of murdering Azaria and wanted to see her hang. Finally the court found her guilty and sentenced Lindy who was heavily pregnant to life. After 7 years new evidence comes to light and Lindy Chamberlain is released from jail. You can see the complete timeline at

I guess the lynch mob mentality has always been with us, however the online facilities today give a much larger audience to these self righteous characters for mud slinging.


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