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Special Announcement for Local Community Businesses

As a web developer, over the years I have identified a stumbling block for small local community businesses, concerning their online promotional efforts – or should I say the lack of them.

When discussing web development with a prospective client I have always emphasised the need for ongoing maintenance and promotion of their site. Usually these discussions were with the business owner or manager, who were very capable people at running their business – but with no experience in internet marketing. Some of them assigned a staff member to follow my recommendations on how to promote their own website. Others ignored my advice and thought that they had done everything necessary because they had listed their business in the yellow pages and Google places, opened a Facebook and Twitter account and posted a couple of articles on their site.

Checking back with clients, I found a big percentage did nothing to promote their websites. Some of the sites had substantial comments with questions from prospective customers that had never been replied to. The excuses came thick and fast, the main one being – “we don’t have time” or “the girl/guy we had looking after the site has left, I must organize some one else to look after it”.

One thing has become clear to me, that for whatever reason, most small businesses do not consistently look after their online assets. Therefore most small businesses are missing out on customer acquisitions online, big time.

That is why I am so excited to announce the addition of “Business Services” to Mikode. Finally here is a service to level the playing field between small local community businesses with the superstores.

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