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This Might Upset the Spy in Your Home

by Kitty Jellinek
Much like Google with Google Home and Amazon with Alexa, Facebook is looking to get into your house. They’re looking to do this through Portal. Facebook introduced the new camera last week. Portal allows you to video chat with any Facebook friends from home, check the weather, the sports scores, you name it. All you need to do is say ‘Hey Portal…’ This is hardly a novelty if you ask me. And yet Facebook is hoping you will set Portal in your living room, kitchen or wherever else you hang out in your home. Their timing couldn’t be worse. Facebook […]

Google Robots Won’t Work Without This Crucial Technology

by Kitty Jellinek
Thursday, 19th December 2013 – London, England By Sam Volkering, Technology Analyst, Revolutionary Tech Investor •    Google robots won’t work without this crucial technology When you think of Google these days what comes to mind? For me I no longer think of them as my search engine. Nor do I think about them as the world’s best advertising company. For me, Google these days is more about the future. By that I mean I get the feeling Google are starting to build not just the world’s biggest company, but also possibly the world’s biggest empire (cue Star Wars music). In […]