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The Gateway to a Billion Transactions

by Kitty Jellinek
The Gateway to a Billion Transactions Saturday, 5th October 2013 – Melbourne, Australia By Callum Newman The Gateway to a Billion Transactions Money Weekend’s Technology Future Watch Last Saturday in Money Weekend we discussed the growing trend toward streaming services in the Australian market. That got an interesting follow up this week when Channel Ten launched its latest digital strategy alongside the reboot of its catch up service ‘TENplay’. TENplay will allow you to watch most Channel Ten shows on demand, along with a bunch of other nifty features. That was just one of the developments this week that are […]

True “Reform” of the Practice of Medicine

by Jim Wilkinson
The Wilko Report for Tuesday Feb 26th, 2013 True “Reform” of the Practice of Medicine Since 2007, the Federal Government has thrown the word “Reform”  around as much as it has broadcast our hard earned tax dollars ( as well as money borrowed Wan, Yen, Euros and anything else  they can clutch at) into the aether. “Reform” is spoken of as though it is all good, but the word literally means re- shaping – improvement is not inherent. An opportunity presents itself for our profession, if only our colleagues have enough “gumption” to rear up and slay the dragon of […]

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