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Life Coach - Brett McFall

How to Attract Life Coaching Clients

by Kitty Jellinek
How to attract life coaching clients from your local community Would you love to know how to attract all the high-ticket life-coaching clients you want – the FAST way? As a life coach there are 3 things you need to do very well. *********************************** Firstly, you need do what’s called “EDUCATIONAL MARKETING.” *********************************** Not the kind of marketing that tries to go for the sale right away. These days that’s a sure way to lose money on your advertising. Instead, you need life coach marketing which stands out. How? By demonstrating what you’re already good at – helping people to […]
community spirit

Benefits Of Having A Community Spirit

by Kitty Jellinek
People understand the importance of leading a well balanced healthy life. Where possible people take care of their bodies with exercise and a well balanced diet. Research has shown that besides a balance between work and recreation there are real benefits to having a Community Spirit. Getting involved in your local community can have a real effect on your well being. Here are some of the benefits; You can learn new skills – doing volunteer work is one of the best ways to expand your skills and gain new knowledge. You will be exposed to a variety of tasks and […]
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Small Businesses Benefit Local Communities

by Kitty Jellinek
Have you ever considered the importance of small business to local communities? While small businesses generate new jobs and employ more than half of the work force, they’re also beneficial to the local community. Here are some examples how small businesses make a profound local impact: Community Uniqueness Take a stroll down Main Street and you’ll likely notice that your community has its own unique character and charm. From the mom-and-pop shop, the local CPA and dog grooming business, to an antiques emporium, coffee shop, yoga studio and beyond, small businesses contribute to a community’s uniqueness. Many municipalities and tourism […]
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What does Local Community Mean To You?

by Kitty Jellinek
When I looked up the term Local Community  – Found the following definition: A group of individuals that interact within their immediate surroundings. A typical local community consists of business operators, public agency staff and residents, and their interactions can include the sharing of resources, information and assistance, as well as the establishment of commercial relationships between local businesses and consumers. Cited from: http://www.businessdictionary.com/definition/local-community.html However, what makes individuals interact with their immediate surroundings? Could it be the warm fuzzy feeling people get when they feel that they belong that inspires them to interact in a useful way – in turn […]
Community Portal

Local Community Member Groups and Portals

by Kitty Jellinek
Local Community Portals are designed to engage people living within your area zip/post code. A place where all locals can post their interests, ideas and express their opinions. It can also provide local information to tourists or people considering a move to your local community. Local community Portals are created, hosted and managed for free by MIKODE. Members of MIKODE can request the creation of a community portal for their location via the support desk. Individuals can create groups on MIKODE – this is particularly useful if you want to gather topic related people from within your local community portal. […]

How To Promote Your Business Online

by Kitty Jellinek
Whether you are looking to promote your business to a local community or worldwide make sure to watch this video. Or Download the pdf.How to Promote Your Local Business Online Also here is the transcript of the video if you prefer to read: How to Promote Your Local Business Online – Video Transcript Today I want to show you a simple, quick, inexpensive solution: to get new customers via the internet. My name is Kitty Jellinek and as a web developer for the past fourteen years I have identified the main reasons why so many businesses are failing to promote […]
My Community

Understanding Neighbourhood Planning In Your Local Community

by Kitty Jellinek
Understanding Neighbourhood Planning In Your Local Community Want to have a say over where new homes, shops and offices are built or what new buildings should look like? Maybe you want to protect and enhance your local high street, choose where new industries should be located, or protect your local green spaces for generations to enjoy in years to come? Neighbourhood planning allows local residents and businesses to have their own planning policies in a neighbourhood plan that reflect their priorities, deliver tangible local community benefits and have real weight in planning decisions. Local people can also grant permission for […]

Local Communities & Neighbours.

by Kitty Jellinek
Local Communities & Neighbours. By Dan Street. Neighbourhoods are in a tough spot these days. Neighbours are increasingly less likely to involve in their local communities. Neighbourhood association involvement is at an all time low. Civic and community organizers have increasingly difficult jobs, as people change their focus from physical to virtual engagement. In the online world, people are trying to meet neighbourhood needs, yet it isn’t easy. In the increasingly social media world, neighbours have a distinct relationship that isn’t captured well by traditional tools. The relationship is strange: neighbours are not friends, and yet they are not strangers. […]
beautiful neighbourhoods and communities

Good Neighbours | Local Communities

by Kitty Jellinek
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Really good neighbours watch out for each other. They ask each other for advice, and offer to help, especially on matters that impact the larger neighbourhood. They respect each others’ boundaries but are quick to assist in a crisis. They look for opportunities to collaborate and to socialize. Great neighbours make for great neighbourhoods, and it is well worth the effort. Local community living conditions are greatly improved overall, when people treat each other with consideration.
My community nickname Merlin.

Social Contribution For Your Local Community.

by Kitty Jellinek
One of the purposes of Mikode.net is to share information about collaborative activities that have been undertaken, are in the process of being undertaken or are under development in your own local communities defined by the postcode/zip code regions you live in. It is anticipated that the circulation of this information will assist in the coordination of world wide projects and activities. Collaborative engagement between diverse communities empowers people to generate more opportunities for their own local communities. Therefore if you are aware of anyone in your community championing a cause that will benefit your community please make them aware […]

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