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“Wilko’s View on Paying Bills”

by Jim Wilkinson

2013 Wilko Report Tuesday 6 May

“Wilko’s view on paying bills”

A colleague mentioned last week how he had revised his billing practices to cope with a large outstanding sum of fees owing to his practice.

I am a dinosaur in this respect. My parents never had more than the old basic wage but taught us to always pay your bills. When my dad retired in 1974 he was on $60 a week – the same year my basic pay in my  first year after graduation was $90. But my parents had no debts and certainly no money owing to doctors. They would have been mortified if there was ever an overdue account notice – there never was. They were old stock who had grown up in times of  war and depression and could make things last or do without. They  never had a credit card, needless to say. We were lucky no one in the family had a severe chronic illness of course.