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Social Networks Bringing People Together like Never Before

by Kitty Jellinek
The Hungarian government wants to implement an ‘internet tax’. What’s the best way to start a riot? Let me help you out…suppress free speech. It’s possibly the number one reason people protest. And if the crowds face heavy handed control measures, these protests sometimes turn into full blown riots. Communities rally with greater force now than ever before thanks to social networks. Today, if your cause is engaging enough, it’s easy to rally the troops. A strong social media collective can be as powerful as a state army. In fact, using social networks is the best way to start a […]

‘Facing up to Facebook’

by Jim Wilkinson
2013 Wilko Report 30 April 2013 ‘Facing up to Facebook’ “Social media” are dangerous places for the unwary – ask the parents of any teenager who as been driven to self harm or even suicide  by cyber bullying. But they can also prove to be an effective way of filtering who really are your friends and enemies. I use facebook a lot. I can post messages and interesting news items for friends and also limit who sees these items. I am outspoken on many things. That abrades some people, usually not my friends, but some times they are people whom […]

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