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Update On SOPA & PIPA

by Kitty Jellinek
Blackout Wednesday: The Time Has Come By Jeffrey Tucker The blackout is a choice, and a brilliant one, made by founder Jimmy Wales in consultation with the whole Wikipedia community. It is a protest, a statement, a symbolic warning to the world of what can happen if governments attack the free flow of information. The online protest is directed, in particular, against two bills roiling around Congress right now, called SOPA in the House and PIPA in the Senate. Early versions have been tabled. The Obama administration has said that it opposes the current versions, but the opposition was weak […]

“Firewall” (Don’t Let The American Government Ruin The Internets)

by Kitty Jellinek
SOPA Must Die! SOPA, aka H.R. 3261 is a bill right now in the House sponsored by R-TX Lamar Smith. It’s not just any bill though, it’s a bill that would allow the USDOJ, RIAA, MPAA and anyone else who lobbies for the entertainment industry to effectively censor the internet to suit their needs. We here at Mikode support a free internet. An Internet in which free information and unhindered distribution of said information is an unalienable human right. If you are an American please, contact your representative and tell them to vote NO on SOPA.   Here is a […]