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Dogs of war

The Dogs Of War

by Kitty Jellinek
My friends all know my feelings – I have often said; “Sincerely wrong people are the most dangerous people in the world”. I guess that a lot of people who swallowed the propaganda of the Bush administration, will now admit they were sincerely wrong. What is scary, is that the people who opposed the war on Iraq and who were privy to inside information and knew of the fraud being perpetrated at the time, did not [or could not] make it public. Why have they waited 17 years to expose what happened, via these video interviews. If the events portrayed […]

This could mean War with Iran

by Kitty Jellinek
Iranian threats to close the Strait of Hormuz, the narrow shipping channel through which 17 million barrels per day of Middle East oil exports pass, has put, for the moment, a war premium into the oil price. The Iranians are reacting, in part, to the continued shadow war on their nuclear program. That war claimed another Iranian scientist recently in a scene straight out of a James Bond film.