You’re on the cusp of the biggest wealth-
creating opportunity in human history


Has Just Begun…


Five ‘Great Revolutions’ have defined our
existence: the Stone Age, the Bronze Age,
the Iron Age, the Industrial Revolution and
the Information Revolution.

Today, the Sixth Revolution in human
progress is here — and it’s about to
transform your life, your health, your
fortunes and your future…

Imagine a world where…

You look and feel like a 20-year-old yet can outrun your great-great-grandchildren at the beach
Imagine your body able to rebuild itself, bringing ‘dead’ body parts back to life — quickly, painlessly and naturally. In fact, what if you could flip a genetic switch within your DNA, returning the worn-out cells of your body to their pristine state the day you were born? Well read on…because scientists are on the verge of doing just that. And they’re so close, it’s staggering… Fly from Sydney to New York for an evening dinner and Broadway show…in 20 minutes
Imagine grabbing a latte in Sydney and watching the sun rise…then jumping on a plane and being in New York before your coffee goes cold…’Teleportation’ is the great vision of many a science fiction writer. But in this revolution with energy advancements and quantum physics it’s not only possible…it’s coming. Drive from Brisbane to Perth and back — on one tank of fuel…
Imagine loading up the 4WD with nothing more to worry about than where to stay and where to visit along the way. There’s no need to map your journey around fuel stations. In fact, you can travel thousands of kilometres powered by nothing more than air, a bit of water and one more magic ingredient… Cure arthritis, Alzheimer’s and other old-age diseases…before you ever get them
Imagine having a personalised ‘map’ of your own genome sequence that can show you your entire medical future… You’ll know what ailments you’ll suffer from and be able to put measures in place to ensure those events never occur. It’s your own medical crystal ball…


As you’re about to see, this isn’t just the shape of things to come —



What’s more, you could make up to
19 TIMES YOUR MONEY from just one of
the companies making this possible

Dear Reader,

You’re living through the most important, exciting and incredible time in human history.

A time where ‘incurable’ diseases will be eradicated, old age conquered and death is a choice…

Where scarcity and famine disappear forever…

Where energy is clean, abundant and free…

And where human beings finally take to the stars and really began to explore and settle in our solar system.

Over the next 10 minutes I’m going to take you into a world most people don’t see coming.

A world that proves today…far from being a time to be fearful…is actually an amazing time to be alive.

This new era will also herald the greatest
creation of wealth in human history

That’s right. Embedded in the coming new wave of technological innovation is an opportunity.

Move on it quickly and you could wind up 19 times richer than you are now over the next few years or even months ahead.

In the paragraphs that follow, I show you how.

My name is Kris Sayce.

I write and edit Australia’s biggest selling small-cap investment newsletter — Australian Small-Cap Investigator.

But over the last six months I’ve been working on a new and very special project.

This letter to you today is its culmination.

And it could mark the start of a turning point in your life — in terms of your health and your wealth.

I’ll explain more as we go.

For now, just look at how quickly our world is transforming around us…

Entire new industries and technologies unheard of 15 years ago are regular parts of our lives.

It’s difficult to keep up with new developments — let alone understand their implications.

But if you think things are changing fast
now, you haven’t seen anything yet…

As inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil notes:

‘Because of the explosive nature of exponential growth, the 21st Century will be equivalent to twenty thousand years of progress at today’s rate of progress; about one thousand times greater than the 20th Century.’

Most people don’t understand the rapid change technology has on their life…or the speed at which change occurs.

For example, the following are the five ‘Great Ages’ of human progress and their approximate duration:

  • Stone Age — 3.4 million years
  • Bronze Age — 2,500 years
  • Iron Age — 500 years
  • Industrial Revolution — 80 years
  • Information Revolution — 20 years

You’ll notice the length of each ‘age’ diminishes as technology improves.

The computer industry calls this trend ‘Moore’s Law’. It dictates that computer processing power doubles every 18 months.

In other words, creating more powerful computers leads to even more powerful computers!

It’s exactly the same with other technologies and industries.

And it’s why the pace of technological change and innovation speeds up.

It’s this ‘virtuous circle’ — which began slowly long ago — that’s leading us to the NEXT Great Age…

The most important and smallest
revolution the world has ever seen

For thousands of years humans were passive observers of nature.

We could only watch in wonder and fear at the comets, lightning bolts, volcanic eruptions and plagues.

All these things were beyond our comprehension.

Today we’re more like the choreographers of nature, able to tweak its laws here and there.

But in the next few years we will make the transition to being the MASTERS of nature.

I call this transition the ‘Sixth Revolution’.

Or more specifically…

The MOLECULAR Revolution

Let me explain.

For the first time ever researchers can now image the internal structure of a single molecule…

It’s the most detailed view of raw matter we’ve ever had…and ever will have.

 single molecule

What a single molecule looks like

It’s the building block of everything…from the cells in your body…to the tiniest particles of every object and material around you.

Not only can scientists now see them…they can touch and manipulate them.

They can pinpoint and change the position of individual molecules — one at a time.

They can move each one into a new place…at the molecular level…physically creating new structures with amazing properties.

Solar panels that you spray onto our roofs…

Computers and batteries so small they’re invisible…

Mobile phones you can stretch and wrap around your wrist, or even embed into your clothes…

Our houses will be stronger, our cars tougher, energy cheaper — it may even become FREE — and we’ll be healthier too.

What’s more, as you’re about to see, medical researchers are already looking at using these molecular structures to deliver drugs…and hunt down cancerous tumours.

And this is just the beginning.

The Sixth Revolution is going to change your future, your fortunes, and the way you live in more ways than you can imagine.

Let me take you into this exciting new world a little more fully…

1. Mind over Matter
How science will conquer ageing and eradicate disease forever

In the United States 15% of the population — more than 57 million people — will die of heart failure, cancer or stroke.

In fact, 2,000 Americans die of heart disease every single day.

But what if, starting tomorrow, we could bring that number down to ZERO?

Sound impossible?

It’s not.

The technology that could make this happen already exists.

It started in 1953…

James D. Watson and Francis Crick made a discovery that opened the gateway to a future that’s already revolutionising medicine.

They unravelled the mysterious double helix structure of DNA — the building blocks of life.

The biggest scientific breakthrough
since the discovery of penicillin

Finally we had in our hands the molecular blueprint that makes up our physical form.

Today, scientists can map out the entire human genome for just $1,000 in 10 days…a task that took 13 years and $2.7 billion to accomplish during the Human Genome Project.

‘Lab-on-a-chip’ technologies will revolutionise health!

Right now there’s work at play to tap into the understanding, mapping and personalisation of medicine for the masses.

Take Life Technologies and Illumina, for example — both are foundation companies in the world of genes, Genomic Medicine and Molecular Biology.

Right now they’re creating small machines — much like the calculator on your desk — that you’ll keep in your home.

These machines can turn saliva and blood samples into your own personal health roadmap. They will diagnose disease and illness in seconds.

These incredible new machines will enable you to know your health status day to day. You’ll be able to monitor your health in real time.

It could be a life saver for the 60% of people in the developing world who don’t have access to hospitals…

And for us in the developed world?

Imagine how different our economy would be if the trillions we spend on healthcare and treating disease could be spent on other things…because technology allows us to prevent, treat and cure diseases so much better

Where DNA is the building block of each of us…the genome is our own personal instruction manual.

It tells us what colour hair we’ll have…how tall we’ll be…the colour of our skin, eyes and hair.

It can also tell us what makes us sick…

And even more importantly, what might make us sick in the future…

Never get ill again

Using rapid sequencing and advanced computing power, scientists are already able to systematically detect cellular variations in our genes.

They can predict harmful traits and diseases that lurk within our genetic make-up.

Be clear: this is NOT about trying to treat disease after you get sick.

We’re talking about identifying and destroying the harmful cells within your body before they even have a chance to attack!

The End of Disease

For example, Parkinson’s disease causes certain brain cells to degenerate and die.

But imagine if you could pinpoint those ‘danger cells’ and re-arm or even replace them with entirely fresh ones.

Or say you suffer a compound fracture of the leg — one of the worst types of bone injuries imaginable.

Usually these kinds of breaks in the bone never heal properly.

But what if brand new cells could replace the damaged tissue and repair the bone to its former glory?

Think of Alzheimer’s patients whose brains regenerate…Think of every child having a map of their own genome to anticipate and prevent the diseases they’re most prone to…Think of returning war veterans who have hands and legs they can use to replace the ones they’ve lost…

The science behind these ideas is getting more advanced by the day.

Consider the recent case of Iraq war veteran Brendan Marrocco…


Brendan Marrocco became
the seventh double-arm/hand transplant in the US after a
13-hour surgery in December
(Source: The Age)

War vet gets both
his arms back

Brendan lost his arms and legs when his unit was attacked near Baghdad.

Now, after a double arm transplant, he can throw a ball again.

He said his new arms make him feel ‘almost like I went back four years,’ to before the roadside attack in Iraq where he was so gravely injured.

His next goal is to hand cycle a marathon.

This is the march of science and technology continuing at the next level.

And it’s just a taste of what’s coming…

Medical and biological breakthroughs
that will blow your mind

In the next 20 years there will be medical and biochemical advances that will create specially designed treatments for our own personal cellular make up.

What’s more, they’ll be able to target and eliminate all the wear and tear our bodies and minds suffer with ageing.

Think that sounds too far-fetched?

I promise you it isn’t.

New breakthroughs in this field are happening all the time.

For example:

 nano Injectable ‘nano-robots’ that detect and prevent blindness

They’re so small they’re invisible to the human eye…

But these tiny, glowing robots could be injected into the eye to alert doctors of low oxygen levels that can lead to blindness…

Again, this is only the beginning…

Nano ‘robots’ will release disease-slaying
drugs straight to dying cells

The possibilities for this technology could have much further-reaching applications…

Finally…the end of cancer could be in sight

Right now researchers at Harvard University are developing medical nano-robots that identify and attack individual cancer cells.

Built from our own DNA, these robots may deliver medicine where no doctor has gone before.

The nano-robots would be able to sense when they encounter a cancer cell and then release its molecule-sized payload of cancer fighting antigen.

But even if that fails…

3D ‘bio-printing’ will save countless lives!

You’ve probably heard of how 3D printers are revolutionising manufacturing.

These three dimensional printing machines are already being used to make a range of material goods…from lampshades and eyeglasses to custom-fitted prosthetic limbs.

Now they promise to revolutionise surgery too

That’s right…scientists are using the inkjet printing technique to layer human stem cells.

The result? ‘Bio-printed’ organs that could save thousands of lives.

 Bronchial Splint

Baby Kaiba’s revolutionary
‘bio-printed’ bronchus splint
allowed him to breathe again

In fact, this technology already is…

Baby Kaiba, for example, was born with a collapsed bronchus.

Every day he would stop breathing as the flow of air to his lungs would suddenly block.

But by ‘printing’ a splint compatible with his DNA structure doctors were able to open his windpipe and save his life.

I’ve seen children die from [this condition]’, said Doctor Glen Green, who carried out the landmark operation.

‘To see this device work, it’s a major accomplishment and offers hope for these children.’

And that’s what this letter is really all about…

Hope and promise…

Great health and even greater wealth!

The future will be better than anyone expects.

It really is such an exciting time to be alive.

And there are two ways you can benefit from it.

  1. You can sit and wait for these technologies to improve your life — you’ll be part of an incredible surge in living standards and healthcare…OR
  2. You can be right at the forefront of the Molecular Revolution…alongside the pioneers making it possible.

And you could position yourself to FINANCIALLY BENEFIT from the ‘new age’ companies these pioneers lead…

‘Molecular Age’ stocks will make previous gains from Microsoft, Apple and Google pale in comparison

Between 1985 and 2000, the Nasdaq index climbed 2,678%…

Those years were the beginning of the Information Age.

Well I believe 2013 is the new 1985, at least in terms of the opportunity in front of you today…

We might only be at the very beginning of the Molecular Revolution. But developments are happening quickly.

Innovations in the sciences — medicine, biotechnology, computers, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence and quantum theory — are gathering pace.

That’s why the time to position yourself to profit is NOW. I’ll show you how to do it.

Over the next 5–20 years I believe you’ll see similar gains from ‘Molecular Age’ stocks…just as you did from the great technology stocks of the last two decades.

Think Microsoft…think Google…think Apple…

Then TRIPLE those combined opportunities and you’re getting closer to the kind of potential I expect.

I’d like to send you full details of four such companies you can invest in today. These reports are yours, right now, with my compliments. Read on to find how you can access them…

The fortunes these companies will
create will shock
most investors —
but not you

You’ll be ready…

And if you do what I recommend in the coming pages, you’ll already be invested when their stock is changing hands for multiples of what they trade for today.

It starts right here.

In a moment I’ll introduce you to an Australian company that’s a world leader in this field of ‘molecular medicine’ research…

…research that’s already saving lives, as you’ve seen.

The short of it is this…

The scientists working at this company have, in essence, discovered how to regenerate the human body — to make it heal and renew itself — quickly, painlessly and naturally.

I’m talking about a molecular treatment that reverses the degenerative process of big time killers like diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

That’s right.

It doesn’t just stop it, IT REVERSES IT.

As you’ll discover, they’re unleashing the power that exists within all of us to cure and prevent disease and, ultimately, turn back the clocks from within, on a cellular level.

I know…it sounds like something out of a science fiction novel.

But I assure you…

It’s real…and it’s
happening NOW

I’ve spoken with the Chief Medical Officer of this company directly and she told me in no uncertain terms that what they are working on has the ‘real potential to revolutionise the way we practice medicine.’

It could revolutionise your wealth too.

I’ll reveal more details in a few moments.

For now, understand this…

This technology could change human existence and civilisation in the same way the light bulb…the telephone…and the car changed civilisation at the beginning of the last century.And an investment in it could be more profitable today than the invention of the personal computer…the internet…and all the multi-billion-dollar empires they gave rise to.

Better still, it’s just the FIRST of four revolutionary companies I’ll tell you about — so read on…

The breakthroughs in medicine and biotechnology are just one of the trends coming out of the Molecular Revolution.

Here’s another that will unleash fundamental changes in society, economics and politics…and even the world…

2. Rise of ‘Smart Materials’
And a new era of cheap energy…plentiful food…and free healthcare

What if I was to tell you that life will get cheaper in the future, NOT more expensive…?

That fuelling your car will be virtually free…

And that healthcare will become so advanced…hospitals will only be used for a few specialist operations?

It’s all thanks to the new ‘smart materials’.

Scientists describe them as ‘materials with one or more properties that can be significantly changed in a controlled fashion by external stimuli.’

I have a better description for them…

Molecular Miracle Machines!

By zooming into the molecular structure — right down to the nanoscale — scientists can give ordinary particles amazing supercharged properties…

…and produce new materials with incredible attributes.

Plastics that are self-cleaning…

‘Memory metals’ that can revert to their original shapes…

Ceramics and crystals that turn pressure into raw, useable energy.

They are ultra light…ultra strong…and there’s no limit to their growth.

What does the advent of ‘smart materials’ mean for you?

Well one such material could power your laptop for four days without needing a single charge…

Another could replace chemotherapy and kill cancer cells…

And a third could introduce a small ‘solar cell’ that can wrap around any surface…

Let me show you just one example…

200 times stronger than steel…150,000
times thinner than a human hair…more
flexible than a sheet of paper

You may have heard about graphene.

If you haven’t, it’s a newly discovered, very special refined form of graphite.

It’s a one-atom-thick sheet of densely packed carbon atoms arranged in a honeycomb lattice.

Take a look:Graphene

Put simply, it’s a sheet of carbon atoms 150,000 times thinner than a human hair.

Under a powerful microscope, it looks like chicken wire.

But what’s so special about it?


For starters, it’s 200 times stronger than structural steel…

It’s so strong you could suspend an elephant from a single strand of graphene…and the strand would not break.

It’s extremely lightweight too…

Soon, everything from bicycles and boats to aeroplanes and cars could be made out of graphene composites.

And when they are, their energy efficiency and durability could skyrocket.

But that’s just the beginning of what this new ‘smart material’ can do…

Not only is it the strongest material researchers have ever tested — it’s also one of the best conductors man has ever found.

IBM has already created a graphene-based processor capable of executing 100 billion cycles per second.

Researchers believe that in the future, a graphene credit card could store as much information as today’s computers.

Be clear…

This one material alone could prove more
revolutionary than — and soon REPLACE —
plastic, Kevlar and the silicon chip


 flexible screens

Kiss goodbye to shattered screens!

In fact, it’s such a breakthrough that the first two scientists to successfully produce single-atom-thick crystals of graphene were awarded the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics.

And for good reason…

In just two years, over 200 companies from a wide array of industries have researched the magical potential of graphene…

  • Scientists in the US and China are already using tiny graphene-based probes to target and identify tumours in live mice. They hope similar graphene-based particles could shuttle cancer drugs to tumours…or even kill tumour cells directly!
  • Engineers at Northwest University, Seattle, found that specially crafted graphene electrodes could allow a lithium-ion battery — like those found in your smartphone or Toyota Prius — to charge 10 times faster and hold 10 times more power.
  • And in 2011, chemists at Rice University, Houston, created graphene-based thin films — unlocking the secret to incredibly flexible, super-durable touch screens and solar cells that can wrap around just about anything…

The Smallest Revolution
in History…

Down at the molecular level there’s a lot of friction. Particles can stick together really easily. This means new and complicated structures can be formed.

Today scientists are experimenting with different conditions to see what sorts of new molecular structures they can create.

The results are astonishing. Some look like thin wires…

 like wires

Some look like pancakes…


Others look like flowers…


All these different molecular structures have different properties.

And soon they’ll change the way we live…

From solar panels you can spray onto your roof…to computers and batteries so small they are invisible. From mobile phones that you can stretch, twist and even imbed into your clothing…they’ll make stronger houses…tougher cars…and even make us healthier!

Medical researchers are already looking at using nano-particles to deliver drugs or hunt down cancerous tumours.

Just imagine ‘nano medicines’ patrolling your body, hunting down diseases and zapping problems as soon as they arise…

Samsung have already said its flexible displays should enter full-scale production later this year — and it expects to have a dozen more graphene-based products on the market within the next five.

IBM, Nokia and Apple are hot on their heels too.

I’m telling you…

Touch screens…processor chips…casings…and batteries in everything from PCs and HD TVs to tablets, mobile phones and hybrids could be all made with graphene.

It could change entire industries…economies…and our lives.


HD TVs as thin as wallpaper…

Smart phones so skinny and flexible you can roll them up and put them behind your ear…and so durable you can beat them with a hammer!

It’s mind-blowing.

Imagine how our world — and your life — would change if the batteries that run your iPhone…your Kindle…and your laptop held 10 TIMES more power and charged 10 TIMES faster than they do now…

If you could eliminate breast cancer or prostate tumours with a simple injection…or by swallowing a graphene-charged pill…

If your house were strong enough to withstand a bush fire — and your windows processed enough solar energy to heat your home in winter and cool it in the summer…

If the car you drove were six times lighter and 20 times stronger…

The effects would be staggering!

Fuel-efficiency would shoot through the roof.

People would live longer, healthier lives.

Cars and aeroplanes would be lighter, faster and safer than ever before.

And electronics of every type would be launched into an era of unprecedented growth and evolution.

This is just a taste of the cutting-edge innovations coming in the Molecular Age…

…innovations that will reshape the future in the months and years ahead…and it’s starting now.

You’re looking at a simultaneous eruption of
new-age technologies that will alter our lives on a scale not seen for 100 years

All this technological change and innovation will transform the world…

  • ‘Nano batteries’ will charge your mobile in seconds…and even power whole cities…
  • ‘Smartphones’ will carry the computing power of IBM’s Watson Supercomputer…
  • A new era of computing mobility — none of the solid rectangular things we carry now but flexible, wearable devices…
  • Handheld ‘breathalysers’ will diagnose disease in seconds…
  • Bionic limbs with human fluidity and dexterity, but the strength of Superman!
  • Spacecraft with the capacity to take us beyond our solar system into places and worlds never explored…

And of course…

The opportunities to grow rich from
the companies developing these materials
and innovations will be immense


How the ‘Internet of
Things’ will create a
world of wired devices

Computers and smartphones have revolutionised the world.

The next phase is the ‘Internet of Things’.

Trillions of devices — thermometers, cars, light switches, appliances, lamp posts, homes, even plants, will also be connected to the internet.

According to internet pioneer Vinton Cerf, this ‘holds the promises for reinventing almost every industry…When the world around us becomes plugged in and aware, it will drive efficiencies like never before.’

It also poses some major New Age THREATS too…read on!

For example, take the recent performance of one Aussie stock called Syrah…

9,328% in just 4 years!

That turns a $10,000 into $1.09 million…

$20,000 into $2.18 million…

$50,000 into $5.45 million…

And all in under half a decade!

What does Syrah do?

They explore for graphite — the source of graphene.

And in early 2012 they hit upon the single biggest cache of graphite the world has ever seen…more than 117 million tons.

It made their stock rocket from 3.5 cents
a share…to over 3 dollars a share!

Syrah’s not the only one riding the crest of the Sixth Revolution wave…

In the last ten years, ARM Holdings, a company that makes the little chips that go inside phones and tablets rose 1,736%… SanDisk Corp, data storage and flash memory firm rose 290% over the last 10 years… Baidu, the Chinese version of Google is up 286% in the last five years…

Netflix, the movie and TV streaming tech stock rose 1,910% in the last 10 years…

F5 Networks, the data provider to companies like Adobe, IBM and Microsoft, is up 858% over the decade…

Likewise,, the cloud computing company is up 890% over the same timeframe…

My point is…these opportunities are out there.

They FLY in the face of mainstream pessimism in the financial markets.

Amazing things are happening right now.

And it’s just the beginning.

You really are on the cusp of the greatest opportunity of your life.

And I’d like to help YOU take full advantage of it.

If that interests you, keep reading…

3. Revolutionary Wealth
Fortunes will be made from an emerging group of ‘revolutionary companies’ — here’s how to find them

Ever since I first got into the markets nearly 20 years ago I’ve been fascinated by two things:

Small-cap stocks and technology.

Put simply, I’ve spent nearly two decades researching the front line of innovation.

I’ve seen several world-changing discoveries throughout my experience — the most recent one being the all-new natural gas boom.

And I’ve helped my readers make money through each of them.

For example, over the last seven years we’ve booked some respectable returns, including:

338% from McPherson’s
220% from MEO Australia
152% from Mitchell Communications
243% from LNG Ltd
100% from Virgin Blue Holdings
192% from Lynas Corp
106% from Kentor Gold

And 458% from Bow Energy…

But I now believe we’re on the verge of something with the potential to top them ALL.

You already know what happened when Silicon Valley began churning out revolutionary technologies like the silicon chip…personal computers…and search engines…

Tiny, unknown start-ups like Intel, eBay, and Google became international household names.

The daring new entrepreneurs who created them — such as Gordon Moore, Pierre Omidyar, Larry Page and Sergey Brin — were turned into multi-billionaires.

And, ordinary people like Andy Marcowski and Betsy Blain made far more money than they hoped for…

When Andy turned 18, his grandmother gave him $1,000 with strict instructions to invest it.

He chose to buy shares of Apple…

Today his $1,000 investment
is worth over $240,000

Andy told a Reuters reporter:

‘It’s pretty bananas. I always hear about people in Silicon Valley falling into huge luck, but I never thought it would happen to me.’

And Betsy, a retired librarian, watched as Intel more than tripled her money.

Here’s where it gets REALLY interesting though…

Most of Silicon Valley’s revolutionary breakthroughs centred around electronics, software and the internet…

I believe the new Molecular Revolution has the potential to reach far, far beyond that…

I’m talking about a technological leap forward so immense, I believe it will change our nation — and the indeed the world — on an EVOLUTIONARY scale.

Communication and transportation…energy and electronics…medicine, construction and defence: products — and profits — from just about every industry imaginable will experience a quantum leap forward…

The tidal wave of new technologies will then create a flood of new companies and new products.

Those, in turn, will create a surge of new and better-paying jobs.

Wages will likely skyrocket…families will prosper — the entire global economy could take on a whole new level of life.

The potential is jaw dropping…

That’s why I believe this is a perfect time to launch an investment advisory service devoted to the technological space.

And now, after six months of preparation, we’re ready to open its doors…

Introducing the brand new
Revolutionary Tech Investor
advisory service

I’d like to give you the chance to be one of the first to come on board.

What I’m proposing is very simple…

Over the coming months I will scour Australia and the globe in search of the companies leading the Sixth Revolution…

Companies with disruptive technologies that will change the world…

Change human existence…

Cure cancer…

Harness energy that cannot be depleted…

Extend human life, like penicillin did…

And then reveal what I find to you before word gets out.

In a moment I’ll reveal the first revolutionary investment you should make today.

The full report is yours — with my compliments — for giving Revolutionary Tech Investor a try for the next 30 days.

But I want you to know…

This isn’t about just one breakthrough…or just one stock opportunity…or just one resource play…or even one country!

It’s much, MUCH bigger than that.

So what kind of opportunity IS this?

‘…we are at the stage that Apple or Microsoft were 20 or more years ago…and that alone makes it important for serious investors to sit up and take note’

~ Jim Mellon, millionaire investor and
bestselling author of Cracking The Code

Jim was talking specifically about the biotech industry.

And he’s absolutely right.

Biotechnology will play a huge part in the Molecular Revolution.

So will computers…nanotechnology…artificial intelligence…and quantum theory.

All these disciplines are now converging.

Author Frans Johansson calls this ‘the Medici Effect’.

It’s when different fields of science, nature and research intersect and combine to create extraordinary new ideas and innovations.

That’s what is happening as I write.

This is why it’s time to sit up
and take note right now

It takes some people a while to adjust to new trends.

Those people tend to miss the boat.

I’m hoping you’re not one of them.

If you pick the best revolutionary companies early — just like I intend to do in Revolutionary Tech Investor — investing in this coming stock market trend can be one of the most profitable moves you’ll ever make.

Here’s what I mean…

Back in the 1950’s, if I had told you that people would be pressing a button on a big plastic machine and sending messages through thin air, you’d have thought I was a lunatic.

You probably wouldn’t have staked any of your money on the idea.

But by the 80s people — particularly businesses — couldn’t live without a fax machine.

And those investors who were willing to think a little differently — those who had seen the potential early — made eight times their money from companies like Xerox, as its machines sold in the millions across the globe.

And think about the rise of computing…

From an ‘out there’ idea…to
a household necessity

In the 80’s hardly anyone believed personal computers would become a household fixture.

Computers were still colossal, complicated machines saved for businesses and laboratories.

But less than a decade later personal computing had become one of the most historic investment mega-trends of all time.

People couldn’t — and still can’t — live without one.

Investors who bought into companies like Apple and Microsoft before they exploded are sitting on fortunes right now.

Well, some people DID get in early.

A small group of investors saw the potential of the burgeoning PC trend…

And made HUNDREDS of
THOUSANDS of dollars


Those foresighted investors who bought Apple shares in December 2001 — when the company was totally overlooked — would have made 1,782% by September 2007.

And if they’d kept hold of their shares until December 2012, they’d now be sitting on almost 5,000% in just 8 years.

Now take the rise of online businesses…

Most investors dismissed companies like Amazon and Google when they were tiny internet start-ups.

They didn’t take the time to understand them, to look at the growing online market.

These companies didn’t really DO anything.

They didn’t MAKE anything.

Yet if you bought shares in Amazon in July 1997 (when the company was unpopular) you’d make gains of 5,319% by March 1999 — less than two years later.

If you’d bought Amazon shares in October 2001 — when most investors were wary of tech stocks — you would have made 795% by October 2003.

And if you simply just bought it in 1997 and forgot about it until today your investment would be 17,847% higher — turning a simple $1,000 stake into over $178, 000.

My point is: ignoring these companies was the biggest mistake some investors ever made.

Maybe it was a mistake YOU made, too?

No matter.

You have another chance — a BETTER chance — right in front of you.

Harnessing the potential of the companies at the forefront of the Sixth Revolution could be the best financial decision you ever make.

Ignore this invitation to find out about these companies and I think you will come to regret it.

Today you have a chance
to get in EARLY…

The first opportunity I want to tell you about today is in the most ripe-for-the-picking market on the planet…biotechnology.

And it could generate fortunes for investors who invest in the right companies now.

I know how to find those potential winners.

Just consider some of the recent stock moves in this sector:

  • DNDN, a prostate cancer treatment company, rose 1,969% in just one year…
  • Then there’s Celgene, the biotech drug provider for blood cancer amongst others, up an incredible 1,578%…
  • And Illumina, the firm involved in DNA analysis and life medicine technologies, is up a staggering 4,502%.

But there’s one AUSSIE company I’m backing in the years ahead to leave all these moves in its wake.

It could be one of the biggest risers of the next few years.


Because it’s about to unlock…

4. The Key to Eternal Life
Revealing the Aussie company that’s unlocking the ‘fountain of youth’


Will you be a part of the rich ‘wellderly’ and live to be 120?

I believe we’re entering a Utopian era in which people will routinely live to 120, disease-free and able to enjoy their golden years…

Please understand, these conclusions are NOT fantasy…they’re based on good science.

Take the human genome…It’s like having a book that you don’t understand and you can’t read. But now computing power has caught up — and fast!

Today you can have your whole body sequenced and get the results back in 10 days for about $1,000. The first sequencing cost about $5 billion!

Soon it will be standard practice at birth. And it will give us all sorts of medical benefits…

Genetic manipulation will remove defective genes. We’ll be able to regenerate limbs, while the fight against killer illnesses will be helped by personalised medicine.

Huge inroads are already being made in this field with, reports the Daily Mail, ‘survival rates of 80% or better compared with 50% just two decades ago.’

Leaps forward in detecting cancer will push that figure higher. According to Jim Mellon, the millionaire investor and author of the bestselling biotech investment book, Cracking the Code:

‘Life expectancy for someone born today is 100…how does life expectancy go to 120–130 as we suspect? Well, it is gradual…cancer cures might add six years, and the heart attack improvement another three years and the reversal of the obesity epidemic perhaps a couple after that (and so on).’

Mellon makes a great distinction between the ‘illderly’ of today and the ‘wellderly’, who will benefit from the advances of tomorrow…

‘By the time we reach 100 there is going to be much higher quality of life…that transition from “illderly” to “wellderly” will be driven by people like us who see all the problems of old age that we don’t want to happen to us.’

The first company I’ll tell you about today could not only help you live a longer, healthier life…the wealth it could make you could help fund it too!

CLICK HERE to access
the exclusive report

I’m going to introduce you to a company that has developed what I’m convinced is the preeminent life-saving technology of our time…

It could easily add 20 years to your life and make you 20 times richer too.

First of all, imagine this…

A simple, fast procedure that gives you a rebuilt heart functionally the same as the clean beating heart of a 20-year-old.

The ability to repair or replace aged and diseased body parts, from hearts to brain cells, could dramatically improve the length and quality of all our lives.

It is also likely to yield profits unmatched in history.

Most leading scientists in this field we’ve researched believe we’re closing in on the answer to the large and growing problem of heart failure.

The solution is in growing new muscle cells within the heart itself.

This would, in effect, deliver a brand-new heart, and repair the kinds of dysfunction seen in coronary disease and stroke.

Leading researchers expect a breakthrough to occur in a half decade, even if they’re not going on the record about it.

It’s the equivalent of a heart transplant WITHOUT surgery

The same thing could be done for other tissues ravaged by age or trauma.

Ask yourself what the ageing and wealthy would be willing to pay for these procedures…Ask yourself also how much money in health care costs would be saved by preventing these terrible and expensive diseases…

The answer is mind-boggling…and hugely lucrative.

That’s why I began to investigate an investment in this company.

The result of that investigation is the first issue of my brand new advisory newsletter Revolutionary Tech Investor.

And I’d like it to be in your hands — with my compliments — in the next five minutes.

Let me give you a few more quick details of what I’ve discovered…

Proven to REVERSE the
‘degenerative process’

In short, scientists at this firm are closing in on molecular technology that could target, heal and totally regenerate damaged cells in the human body.

Now, I’ll save the science for the report.

But just take the results this Aussie firm has seen in just one area of the tests they are doing with those suffering from chronic back pain:

Preclinical trials showed that a single, low dose of [the company’s molecular technology] into severely damaged intervertebral discs resulted in dramatic reversal of the degenerative process, regrowth of disc cartilage and sustained normalisation of disc pathology, anatomy and function.’

Got that?

I’m not talking about a pain killer or anti-inflammatory that provides temporary relief…

I’m talking about a treatment that reverses the degenerative process.

Right now they are conducting the same tests on heart disease, diabetes and orthopaedic patients.

Again, I won’t go into the results here — it’s all in the report — but the market for this Aussie firm’s fully patented technology is simply huge.

You’re talking half a trillion dollars…and these guys are going for ALL OF IT.It could multiply your money 20 times over.

That’s why this investment is, in my view, the first thing you should be doing with your money right now.

And I would love to tell you more about it.

But — and forgive my frankness — I have spent too much time researching this opportunity simply to give the details away in this open letter.

However — I’m willing to send you the exclusive report right now, as a gift, if you’d like to become one of the charter members of my all new revolutionary technology letter…

With Revolutionary Tech Investor you won’t be limited by geographic boundaries

I’ll search for the best leading-edge technology stocks worldwide.

How will we find them?

How to spot revolutionary trends EARLY

Predicting the trends and events of the next few years, let alone decades into the future…and then honing in on the stocks that will lead those innovations is not easy…

But it’s possible.

In 1863 the great writer Jules Verne wrote a prophetic novel called Paris in the Twentieth Century.

At the time kings and emperors still ruled ancient empires.

Impoverished peasants performed backbreaking work toiling in the fields.

The United States was in the midst of a ruinous civil war that would nearly tear the country apart.

And steam power was just beginning to revolutionise the world.

Yet with all this going on in the background, Verne predicted that Paris in 1960 would have glass skyscrapers…air conditioning…TV…elevators…high-speed trains…petrol-run cars…fax machines…and even something resembling the internet!

With uncanny accuracy, Verne depicted life in modern Paris.


By consulting the forward-thinkers of his time!

But for this exciting new venture I’ve gone one better.

I haven’t just consulted a forward thinker…I’ve HIRED one.

The Future Wizard

You see, I’m an investment expert first and foremost.

I know how to analyse a company — particularly small-caps — and judge whether or not it’s worth a punt.

This area of the stock market is my life-long specialty.


Sam Volkering

And I’m pretty good at it.

But I’m not, by any normal definition, a ‘technology expert’ — although I find the field incredibly fascinating.

That’s why I brought Sam Volkering into the fold to help me formulate the best technology opportunities in the world today…and recommend them to you.

I consider Sam to be the ‘Jules Verne of the 21st Century’.

Yes, he’s a Certified Financial Planner; he’s got the Finance degree and all the qualifications you need and more to advise you on shares and derivatives…

And although that’s important, much MORE important to me is that he’s the most passionate and driven technology researcher I’ve ever come across. (And trust me — I went through two months of interviews to find the right person for the job.)

Technology is ingrained in his life…

From discovering the Apple 2e and Macintosh in the mid-80s, to the rise and fall of the Mini Disc in the 90s…to building Internet apps in the 00s…Sam is an amazing talent at finding new, cutting edge technologies…

…and translating that research into how the future will look…and where the opportunities lie.

* The tech companies on his watch-list over the last six months prove it…they’re up 142%, 45% and 201% respectively.

In contact with top-tier insiders all over the world about their upcoming products, he’s exceptionally well connected in the industry too.

Importantly, he knows the difference between company hyperbole…and technologies with real potential to change the world.

I immediately hired Sam as the Technology Research Analyst for Revolutionary Tech Investor.

I’ll show you how you can come on board this exciting new project too in just a moment.

But first I need warn you about…

5. The ‘Dark Cloud’ Above
Beware: this new world won’t come without some New Age dangers…

Up until now I’ve painted a pretty positive picture of the future.

But the new world coming is not without its threats.

Take, for example, the increasing power of computers…

What happens when computers
get smarter than us?

Just over 40 years ago computers were so big they had to be stored in giant warehouses.

But now…with just your simple smartphone or iPad…you have more processing power on your person than the whole of the Apollo 11 mission that sent man to the moon in 1969.

So where do they go from here?

Sam explains…

‘Eventually computers are going to be so powerful and so smart they’ll reach what’s called a ‘singularity’…‘What that means, essentially, is that computers will become ‘self aware’.’

What does this mean?

According to one former Silicon Valley neuroscientist we may soon find out…

‘Devastating consequences’

Christof Koch, chief scientific officer at Seattle’s Allen Institute for Brain Science, believes — in principle — the internet could get so powerful it could form its own ‘consciousness’.

Talking to the Age last September, he speculated on what the internet might ‘feel’…

For example, should there be a large power failure somewhere in the world, a conscious internet could experience the equivalent of ‘pain’…and retaliate with devastating consequences.

This may sound far-fetched…

But the growing power of the internet…computers…and artificial intelligence is already a serious debate in world politics…

For instance…

Rise of the Killer Robots

Should computerised robots be used on the battle field?

And should they be allowed to take a human life, without direct supervision or command?

This was one of the debates at the recent United Nations meeting in Geneva!

 Big Brother

Big Brother is watching you

UN special ‘rapporteur’ Christof Heyns told the council that countries were already developing armed robots that could kill without the need for human choice or intervention.

‘The possible introduction of LARs (lethal autonomous robots) raises far-reaching concerns about the protection of life during war and peace,’ said Heyns…’If this is done, machines and not humans, will take the decision on who lives or dies.’

There are other New Age threats to consider too, including…

  • The ‘Dark Cloud’ — Cloud intelligence will evolve into becoming an active resource in our daily lives, providing analysis and contextual advice. For example, virtual agents could design your family’s weekly menu based on everyone’s fitness health profiles, goals and taste preference.But it also presents a whole new risk for personal privacy.
Scientists can already manipulate
the minds of mice…humans are next

Drone attacks and Cyber Spies — Unmanned drones have their weapon systems controlled remotely by humans.  — Government mind control may not be as farfetched as it sounds: after 15 years of research, scientists have found a way to transmit information from one brain to another.

They’ve successfully captured the thoughts of a rat in Brazil…and electronically transmitted them through the internet to the brain of a rat in the US.

Scientists refer to the technique as a ‘brain link’.

The $26 million study of brain-machine interfaces was funded by the Pentagon’s Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), which ultimately hopes to have this technology available to humans.

Can you imagine if this technology
got into the wrong hands?

Of course, you can view all new world-changing technologies as a big scary risk.

It’s human nature to resist and argue against any kind of change.

And although some technologies will pose real threats…the opportunities FAR outweigh them.

This will be a major theme of the Sixth Revolution that Sam and I will be exploring in the pages of Revolutionary Tech Investor.

For example, one company Sam and I are looking right now is a world leader in the global CYBER SECURITY industry.

With the world getting more interconnected by the day, this will be a very important sector going forward.

As soon as we see the green light to buy, we’ll let you know straight away.

It’s just one of the many opportunities all over the world right now.

Which brings me nicely to the second complimentary report I’ll send you right away, should you like to give Revolutionary Tech Investor membership a 30-day trial run

6. Three Global Tech Superstars Pioneering the ‘Sixth Revolution’

The new technologies in the Molecular Age will simply knock your socks off.

And create the best investment opportunities since Microsoft went public in 1986.

I’ve identified three such global tech superstar stocks, which make up the second complimentary report you’ll receive if you’d like to become a charter member of Revolutionary Tech Investor.

The technologies they’re pioneering will change the way you live completely.

They will revolutionise the workplace…the way we communicate…and even buy things.

For example…

Global Superstar #1

The end of Walmart and Bunnings

I’ve touched on 3D Printing in this letter…

Well the first Global Pioneer I want to tell you about could use it to revolutionise not just one industry…but the entire global economy.

In fact, if I’m right about the revolutionary potential for this stock and its industry, it could simultaneously lead to the demise of Wal-Mart and Bunnings style ‘big box’ stores…

…and change the world economy for the better.

Let me give you a quick example…

If you go into Bunnings I’d wager 90% of the stuff is made — or could be made — from plastic.

Bunnings takes up thousands of square feet and it has hundreds of thousands of stock items on the shop floor…

But imagine if, rather than all that stuff sitting on the shelves you could just place an order online for a particular bit of plastic…they PRINT it for you, completely made to order…and then turn up at the Bunnings store to pick it up…

Now I’ll go into more of the implications of what this would mean for the Big Store retailers and global manufacturing in your special report…

My point is…this revolution could OVERTHROW China as the cheap plastic manufacturer of the world…

And for this company?

Its value could hit USD$15 billion within four years.

I’ll show you what that means for its share price when you sign up.

Global Superstar #2

Get ready for a 1,429% return — AGAIN!

Many people don’t realise it, but this ‘commodity’ was one of the most important in the Information Revolution…

And it will be just as important in the Molecular Revolution.

But if the company can develop a range of flexible and ultra-thin glass products it will revolutionise the way designers, engineers and technicians think about the way we use devices like smartphones, laptops and computers.

Investors who bought before the last tech boom could have made a 1,429% gain as this stock soared.

And now as the Molecular Revolution begins to take hold, this stock looks set soar again…and higher!

To get all the details BEFORE that happens, click here.

Global Superstar #3

The Internet will IMPLODE without
this company’s technology

This will sound cryptic…

But the fact is, without the technology this third Sixth Revolution Pioneer makes the internet could implode within itself.

You see, the most important aspect of staying connected in the future is the ability to collect, process and return mountains of data.

Well the speed and efficiency in processing all this data RELIES on the technological advancement this company is at the forefront of.

With the co-founder of Apple as their Chief Scientist, they’re developing hardware and software that will ensure the internet stays alive.

They’re only young…but are catching up to established players at a rate of knots.

The next phase for the company could see them top $10 billion in revenue…and shoot the share price to a level 726% higher than where it is today. (I explain my calculations in your exclusive second report.)

I can’t stress enough how influential these companies could be to your life in the near future…

…and how important they could be to your overall wealth.

Their full details — including the name and ticker symbols — can be in your hands today, along with the ‘Eternal Life’ opportunity I’ve already told you about.

All you have to do is become one of the first members of Revolutionary Tech Investor with a no-obligation 30-day trial period.

If that interests you, here’s what you need to do…

How to become a charter member
of Revolutionary Tech Investor

To get started…

1.) Sign up now for a 30-day no obligation trial run of Revolutionary Tech Investor.

Within minutes I’ll send you a private password so you can access the very first issue and your exclusive members-only reports:

— ‘The Aussie Company That Holds the Key to Eternal Life’
— ‘Three Global Tech Superstars Pioneering the Sixth Revolution’


2.) Then, in the first week of every month, you’ll begin to receive your Revolutionary Tech Investor issues via email.

Please understand, these issues will not be your typical investment research briefing, offering only a cursory overview of the market and comments on held positions and how they’re trading.

Each confidential briefing provides you with in-depth analyses of new technologies and recommended companies poised to break out.

In most cases, these are technologies and companies not yet acknowledged, much less discussed, in mainstream media or on investment websites.

This is thanks to Sam’s unique and extensive network of inside connections and insight built over the 20 years of immersion in all things technology.

In short, you get an early-bird advantage each and every month.

3.) You’ll also get a weekly update — usually on a Tuesday — where Sam and I will publish the entire Revolutionary Tech Investor portfolio.

We’ll explain why we like each individual idea…and why it’s a revolutionary investment…as well as the breakthrough tech trends and developments we’re looking into.

I’ll tell you how to buy, when to buy, any risks you should be aware of, and when to sell.

I’m here to help you as much as I can.

4.) You’ll also get instant access to my in-depth report ‘Six Breakthroughs That Will Astound the World, Transform Your Life and Unleash Powerful Fortunes’.

I’ve only touched on the themes, ideas, threats and opportunities these trends will bring in this letter. But in this exclusive, members-only report Sam lays it all out for you.

It’s a fascinating briefing that will truly open your eyes.

Over the coming 12 months Sam and I will expand on these ideas in every issue…and offer you the best ways to profit from them.

5.) ‘The Simple Way to Invest and Profit with International Stocks’

Of course, when you’re looking at the world of technology, some of the stock opportunities will be listed overseas.

But far from being complicated, buying international shares is so easy to do.

This complimentary report will show you how.

6.) As soon as you accept my invitation to receive Revolutionary Tech Investor, I’ll also send you a dedicated contact email address.

If you have any questions about my service at all, just drop me a line.

Write to me as often as you like — I want you to get as much out of this research as possible.

The good news is you can try Revolutionary Tech Investor without committing a single cent.

Here’s what I mean…

Test drive my service for one month
with no-obligation whatsoever

Click on the ‘Subscribe Now’ link at the end of this letter. I’ll send you all the investment research I’ve outlined in this report.

As you’ll see, I’ve barely touched the surface in this letter.

If my Revolutionary Tech Investor service doesn’t meet your expectations, or you find this kind of investing is not for you, I’ll give you a full refund at any time during the first 30 days.

You can rest assured that this money back offer is guaranteed by my publishers at Port Phillip Publishing.

So how much does Revolutionary Tech Investor cost?

$1,399 a year.

If that sounds a lot…that’s because it is.

I make no apologies.

That’s what it costs to get cutting edge, revolutionary investment ideas from all over the world.

The fact is, as far as I know this is research NO ONE else in the world is doing — let alone Australia.

And remember, I’ve hired an expert in the technological field to work solely for you, hunting down these ideas, week in week out…

To connect the dots between the amazing technological innovations of the coming years…and the INVESTABLE ideas in which you can profit from them.

Experience like Sam’s does not come cheap.

So if $1,399 for one year sounds like too much money, I can tell you right now: this research is probably not right for you.

I suggest you stick with Australian Small-Cap Investigator…which is more for people who are just starting out.

However, there is some good news…

Special ‘charter price’
IF you act NOW

Because this is the launch of an entirely new and exciting investment service, for the first year of membership you can get $200 off the standard price.

So you can become one of the very first members of Revolutionary Tech Investor for just $1,199.

Believe me — we probably won’t do this again.

But I’m willing to offer it now because I believe the coming year is going to trigger an absolutely incredible ‘bull market in molecular technology’.

The Sixth Revolution in the history of mankind.

You’ve already seen some of the gains certain companies are making.

Fly from Sydney to London in less than four hours

‘Teleportation’ sounds crazy, but there are real companies working on this right now…

For example, Reaction Engines is working with the European Space Agency to build a ‘hypersonic’ plane for commercial use.

We’re talking about a flight carrier travelling at a speed of Mach 5 (to put that in context, concord travelled just faster than the speed of sound at Mach 1).

This isn’t some ‘out there’ idea in the head of a scientist…this is a real project being worked on right now.

Imagine…soon you could take off in Sydney and be in London — technically — the day before!

They include:

1,736% from ARM Holdings290% from SanDisk Corp286% from Baidu

1,910% from Netflix

858% from F5 Networks

890% from

1,969% from DNDN

1,578% from Celgene

4,502% from Illumina

These are the kind of revolutionary investments Sam and I will be hunting down in the months to come in Revolutionary Tech Investor.

But in truth, the potential of the first biotech company you’ll read about could make these gains look small in comparison.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in…

Let’s cut to the chase

If you’ve read this far my guess is you’d like to see what being a member to Revolutionary Tech Investor is like.

You can do that for the next 30-days, obligation free.

If you like what you’ve read, you should accept this invitation now.

If you do, here are the things you’ll receive the minute you sign up:

Issue #1: ‘The Aussie Company That Holds the Key to Eternal Life’Bonus #1: ‘Three Global Tech Superstars Pioneering the Sixth Revolution’Bonus #2: ‘Six Breakthroughs That Will Astound the World, Transform Your Life and Unleash Powerful Fortunes’

Bonus #3: ‘The Simple Way to Invest and Profit with International Stocks’


You have 30 days to decide
if this is right for you

Give the all new Revolutionary Tech Investor a try today and you can put my research to the test without obligation for a FULL MONTH.

I want you to be thrilled with the results you get from Revolutionary Tech Investor

If your membership doesn’t exceed your highest expectations — if you are unhappy with it for ANY reason — simply let me know any time within 30 days of joining and I’ll issue you a full and immediate refund.

No ‘restocking’ fees. No hidden charges. Every last cent of your membership will be refunded without question.

Plus, all the issues you receive — and all the reports I send you — will be yours to keep, with my compliments, just for giving it a try.

That’s a generous offer.

But I don’t mind making it, because I’m that confident you’re going to enjoy absolutely everything you receive.

The most important thing though is that you don’t sit too long on this decision…

The Sixth Revolution is going to
drastically alter our lives

I’ve tried to paint as good a picture as I can for you in this letter.

You’ve seen it for yourself — the change is already under way…

The future will be more amazing than anyone predicts.

And the sooner you act the more money you stand to make.

I urge you — don’t delay, give membership a try today.

Simply click on the link below to open a secure order form.

Your order will be processed immediately.

Within minutes, you’ll have full access to the Revolutionary Tech Investor website

You’ll immediately receive all three special reports.

And you’ll be privy to the most powerful market ideas and opportunities in the world today.

This is an extraordinary chance for you to make a lot of money…on a very rare set of market conditions…that have only happened five times before in the whole of human history.

I hope you’ll accept my invitation.

Do it for your wealth…do it for your health…do it for your family.

It begins right here.


Kris Sayce
Editor, Revolutionary Tech Investor
June 2013


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