Think Global Act Local

Think Global Act Local

“Think globally, act locally” urges people to consider the health of the entire planet and to take action in their own communities and cities. Long before governments began enforcing environmental laws, individuals were coming together to protect habitats and the organisms that live within them.
“Think Globally, Act Locally” Is now a global concept with high importance. This concept is taken into consideration by corporations, government officials, education systems, and local communities.
Warren Heaps states, “It’s really important to recognize that markets are different around the world, and company compensation programs should reflect a balance between global corporate philosophy and local practice and culture”.

Local Businesses
It is vital that local businesses understand the culture and preferences of their potential local customers. Tweeting and Face book pages are a good means for brand recognition; however they lack the means to fully understand the cultures within their local communities. is a global local community social network, here you can find out what the culture, likes and dislikes are of each local community. The development of all the local sites is an ongoing project. These sites are built hosted and managed for free, upon request by members of
Once a community site has been created members of the community are invited to post to their community site. This facilitates the creation of a local community picture that anyone can add to. Most importantly it gives a voice to those who want to address issues within their communities.
It also gives a valuable opportunity for local businesses who are members of to post information about their business to their locals. For businesses who do not want to spend time posting to their community sites Mikode has developed a business service at: Mikode Business Services.

Note that all membership subscriptions of $5 per month are pooled and paid back to the rewards recipient of the month [see Mikode Rewards Page] on that page it states:
“Please note all rewards will be paid into the selected members PayPal account, this cash is yours to do with as you please. However we would like to make the following suggestion here for your consideration:

When the Mikode membership reaches 200,000 subscriptions, we will be paying out around 1 million dollars monthly to the draw selected member.
As Mikode is all about fostering a good community spirit, we would appreciate it, if the Rewards Recipient would make a donation to an organization of their choice within their local community.”

Mikode is all about thinking Globally and acting Locally.

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