My community nickname Merlin.

What An Exciting Project!

I want to thank Dr. John Carlyle, the founder of Mikode™ for the concepts he perceived and is now putting into action for the people in our communities.

I guess that living in the Palm Beach area for 30 years and being a local doctor, he has come to understand full well, the needs of the people in our communities.

Who better to address those needs and come up with good solutions.

What an exciting project this is turning out to be.

Creating a safe place online for young and old, to communicate and create their own interest groups, within their own community areas.

It is a huge project, one that will gradually spread out to a huge network of neighboring communities.

As the developer and current administrator of this site, I invite any community help/ suggestions to make this site as user friendly as possible.

We support and recommend the use of the Google Chrome or Firefox Browser to gain the best experience here at Mikode™.

The following video expresses our sentiments at Mikode™ where we believe in You too.

Also I would like to take this opportunity to extend a warm welcome to everyone at Mikode™.





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