Why We Need Global Social Community Networks

As human beings we have survived through the ages through our interactions within our own communities and learning from other communities.

The internet has provided a bridge between worldwide communities, enabling billions of people to interact, learn and help each other.

What is most significant, is a very simple truth.Human beings thrive and survive on community.

It is communities that provide a platform; a fertile ground,for creating social good – that is

our essential humanity, that is what being human is all about. We are now witnessing the next

chapter in evolution. What we are now doing is using the power of social media, to create

communities of a very different nature, that was not possible before and in that process

creating a vehicle for unleashing social good.

Transcript from Gopi Kallayil’s video “Social Media for Social Good”


If you want to unleash some social good into your local community, you have every tool at your fingertips here at Mikode.net to accomplish that goal.

Use the Support Desk ticket system to get help if you feel technically challenged at any stage.

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