Schools Out

Yipee! Schools Out!

Most youngsters are cheering – Yipee! Schools Out!

Many parents are just as happy as their kids and have organized to have time off work to spend quality time with their youngsters. On the other hand some parents and grandparents are bewildered as to what they can do to entertain their kids in a meaningful and joyful- times to remember – kind of way, without breaking the bank.

Sure you can treat your kids to theme parks, movies, sporting events etc. However all these activities don’t really require in-depth personal interaction, actually they are more of a distraction from personal interaction.

Taking part in projects together is a great way to come to a better understanding of what your children are really interested in and gives parents the opportunity to foster those interests whilst helping their children to obtain their goals.

There are millions of ” How To” You Tube videos – from building a dog kennel to making paper beads, jewelry, decorating glass bottles, painting, drawing, cooking, etc., etc.

So why not give it a go these school holidays – find out what your child is really interested in – watch a “How To’ video together on the topic and start a project together.

Besides creating something you will probably find you have created a stronger bonds with your sons and daughters.



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